Thursday, November 4, 2010

moving on

I'm in Chicago right now and preparing for a big meeting tomorrow morning. I can't stop thinking about the past couple months and even the past few years. God has an amazing way of making things happen and moving things along. Every day brings new challenges, new people, and new meaning. Some of the relationships I have formed in these past few months have taught me so many valuable lessons and opened my eyes to things I've never experienced before. Family has always meant so much to me but as you get older you just keep realizing how much more important they are. You lose touch with so many people for so many different reasons and it's a hard pill to swallow. But you learn really fast who is important to you when you leave college, you learn who is real, and who was true. Life is like one long class, some lessons are boring, some are decent, and some are amazing—but no matter what...the clock keeps ticking and you keep moving on and keep learning.

Chattanooga has been amazing. Things are so different here but there is something about this place. It's vibrant, young, and just unique. I've been to so many different places and who knows what the future holds but where I was a few months ago compared to now is night and day.

Life is good.

I've added formspring to the right of this message, if anyone has any questions then please ask me, I'd love to answer anything!

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