Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malcolm Gladwell speaks in Chattanooga

Tonight I listened to Malcolm Gladwell give a lecture on the financial crisis and the battle of Fredericksburg. He arrived at the Fine Arts Center earlier tonight and graced Chattanooga with his presence for an hour or so. He is one of my favorite authors and every single book that he has written has completely changed the way I think about life. His inspiring, passionate, and brilliant views are shaping the way our society evolves. I sat in awe tonight listening to his intellectual thoughts on many different topics. Here is a list of my favorite quotes from him tonight. Enjoy!

  • financial crisis is a failure of experts
  • the consequence of having too much information is confidence, not competence
  • miscalibration refers to the difference between how good we are and how good we think we are
  • our confidence in our abilities can cause us to make big mistakes
  • incompetence annoys me, overconfidence terrifies me.
  • we are profoudnly conflicted about overconfidence.
  • when you are in the grip of overconfidence, the world can change and you won't see it.
  • who would be chasing quails?
  • we depend on the humility of our leaders
  • the demands of character are greater today than in the past
  • informed. passionate. involved.
The lecture was captivating. I hope I get another chance to see him speak. 

Chattanooga has been awesome, time is flying but things are great.