Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chattanooga - the beginning of my next chapter

Being home for a few weeks with my family and friends really allowed for some of these thoughts that have been circulating in my head for some time to actually settle in. College is over, I knew that a while ago, but seeing status updates and pictures from people at Clemson really made it stick. It's done. A few weeks ago I accepted a job at LifeKraze—a new social media company helping us reshape the way we live. I took another leap of faith and decided to do it. Just like I made the leap to Clemson— Now I've made the move to Chattanooga and here I am with a few days of the real world under my belt. I couldn't be happier, it's something I dreamed of doing and it's here now and I'll make the most of it.

I wanted to surround myself around happy people, a creative vibe, young and talented individuals who have a great outlook on life. Being here in Chattanooga, I couldn't ask for more. It's been an incredible blessing to have this opportunity and to translate one of my favorite sayings to my situation— I took a leap off this cliff and I'll learn how to fly on the way down. I've already met some incredible talented people here with a positive vibe and passion about them that is so unique it's contagious. I can't wait to see where this thing goes and I'll do whatever it takes to make it successful and then some.

I love the fact that I'm close to my family here as well, that was another blessing in disguise. Somehow the one thing I wanted to do, the opportunity that presented itself happened to be right smack in the middle of where the majority of my family is from. High five for that.

I'll try to keep updating my blog as I learn to fly, but if anyone has some tips I'd love to hear them :)

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