Tuesday, August 10, 2010


After the Cinque Terre we visited Rome, which was beautiful. We walked for three days straight from about noon to sundown. Italy has some of the most amazing architecture in the world and we definitely took it all in while we were there. After Rome we got on a cruise ship and setted out to Barcelona. Our boat was 6 hours late so we just hung outside and read books and listened to music. We finally made it to Barcelona and walked and walked until we finally just got a cab to our hostel. Really cool hostel with a lot of people, but getting in Barcelona that late on a Sunday night was a little strange. We met some italian kids from our hostel and all went out to a few places, then went to the beach and stayed until 7 AM. It was so much fun, then we got back, woke up in the morning and switched rooms. Went sight seeing for a little bit and ate probably one of the best meals I´ve had while I´ve been in Europe. Flautas, cheese quesadillas, a passion fruit margherita, and passion fruit water. It was amazing. Last night we went out to a few more places with some kids from the Hostel and now we will take a bus from here to Madrid for our last night in Europe.

I´ll be back in the States tomorrow. By far the best decision I ever made in my life to come here. I´m so thankful I had a chance to do it.

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