Thursday, August 19, 2010

I feel home, and that's just what I feel

Our travels home went pretty smooth and all I did was watch movies on the way home to pass the time. When I stepped foot off the plane, a nice smack in the face of mr. humidity was waiting for me. I almost turned around and begged the pilot to take me back. I can't stand the humidity here, it's brutal.

Europe was amazing, I've always said I wanted to go and I'm so glad I got the chance to do it. It opened my eyes up to different cultures, different people, different rules, and a different feel. The whole time I traveled around I kept seeing things in different cultures that I loved. It made me think, I wish I could have my own culture and bring all these incredible ways into one. I would take the siestas and tapas from Spain, the beaches and nightlife from Portugal, the architecture and crepes from France, the canals and bikes from Amsterdam, and finally the history and gelato from Italy. That would be my culture! Oh and throw in the free bathrooms, organization, and accessibility from the States and I think that would be a nice way to live.

The people I met along the way is what changed me the most. Everyone with their different views on life in general, and how you should live it. Sometimes I feel close minded when I think about life, but meeting so many incredibly unique people allowed for me to just open up and let their thoughts in. Now my views on life will forever be altered because of what I experienced in Europe. It was life changing and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone contemplating a trip.

Which leads me to being home. When my parents picked me up from the airport, that feeling of home consumes my body and puts a smile on my face. My country—where I was born and raised, the reason I am who I am today. As much as I wanted to stay and travel Europe, there was something about just seeing familiar faces, and being back in my country. It made me realize how many things I take for granted—using the bathroom for free, water for free...also the fact that I can only speak one language when the majority of people I met can speak multiple. I'm so blessed to be in this country and to have the friends and family that I have and being in Europe helped to realize that more than I have ever done before.

adios. tchau. au revoir. vaarwel. caio. bye.

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