Friday, July 23, 2010

oh lagos

We arrived in Lisbon yesterday but I spent the  last two days in Lagos, Portugal. I'd never heard of Lagos but a few people at our last hostel told us it was a must. So we got to the bus station and decided to get the next bus there. When we arrived it was absolutely gorgeous, the weather was about 80 degrees with a constant breeze that put a smile on my face. The water was beautiful, and we met a few guys that already had reservations at a hostel so we chanced it and followed them. Bryson and I got the last two beds in a 6 bedroom appartment. We were in a room with 4 Aussies. (80% of people i've met have been from Australia) They were great guys and  we all had a little stool outside in the street, rocked out to some tunes, and hung out until the sun decided to sleep. We then hit a local food place and then hit the town. This place was like spring break times 10. I've never seen so many people packed into one place. The amount of unique people that i've met has opened my mind up to so many different ´´views.´´ It's pretty amazing to know I'm in a complete different part of the world but still enjoying the company of complete strangers that are also traveling the world. I've only got a chance to hang out with some people for a day or so but it seems like we are all on the same page and have been friends for years.

Traveling is amazing, it allows you to open up completely to anything and everything. I feel selfish for always living in this bubble, I had no idea that cultures could be this different, I've always seen and read about it but it never really sunk in. Traveling has really let it sink in and it's such a good feeling. As the Aussie's would say, it's absolutely lovellyyy.

Lisbon is beautiful as well. We went to see Inception last night and it twisted and knotted my mind to the max. Definitely recommend it to everyone, I was amazed. Today we are going to the beach and tomorrow Pedro has a soccer, or futbol match setup for us. I can't wait!

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