Monday, July 12, 2010

Not a good start

Sitting in the airport waiting for our departure time provided a gradual excitement as the minutes crept closer...that was until the loudspeaker clicked on and the ever so kind lady informed us that our flight had been delayed. We waited about an hour for the decision and sure enough our flight to Atlanta is now cancelled,so we missed our flight to Madrid and now don't have any flights or a place to stay. Shoooweeee what a start to our trip.


  1. Michael, long trips (and short ones these days) always start with a delay. Hang in there. One day I hope we will meet, I've heard tons about you from Cheyenne (I'm Joey's mom, in case you haven't figured this out!). I LOVE Madrid, and all of Spain, I know you will enjoy being in that country. I'm looking forward to following your blog and living vicariously through your travels. When you get back, please come to Gunnison: you have a free place to stay, and.....YOU CAN TEACH ME ILLUSTRATOR AND PHOTOSHOP!!!
    STay safe, good luck!!!

  2. We've figured that out for sure! I hope to make it out there soon.