Sunday, July 18, 2010

la bolsas en Cadiz

So the past few days have been an eye opener for sure. Rachelle showed us around Madrid and helped us get comfortable with ordering food, and having basic conversation in Spanish with people. We thought we had it down pretty well...then she left. Bryson and I explored a few places and went to an awesome looking grocery store, sorta like Whole Foods. We were so overwhelmed at how fast everyone was speaking that we freaked out and couldn´t even order. We ended up just leaving because it was so hard. I´m learning more and more spanish everyday though and it makes me so mad that I haven´t learned it before.

Our adventure yesterday was nothing short of bizarre. We went to the bus station to purchase a ticket to Sevilla. Our bus was leaving at 11 PM, we arrived around 10:30ish and decided to put our bags under the bus. We went inside to use the bathroom and when we returned our Bus was gone, the same bus that had our bags. After a few cuss words and frantically looking around, we chased after a bus that looked like ours. The bus driver rolled down his window and couldn´t speak any English. We ran inside and explained our situation, nobody could understand us. We were hoping that our bus was going to the same place as our bags but that wasn´t the case. We found out that the bus that had our luggage was on the way to Cadiz, Spain and we were headed to Saville. Luckily a guy overheard a conversation and translated everything for us to the bus driver, they told us we´d have to go figure out at the station. Fast forward a 5 hour bus ride, we get to the state in Savilla at 5:30 in the morning. We realize that we can´t pick up our bags unless we actually go to Cadiz, so we purchased a ticket to Cadiz and on our way we went. We arrived there at the wrong bus station, then managed to find anotherb us to take us to this little hole in the wall place. The guy put up two fingers, then four fingers, then a zero. 2:40 we suppose? At about 2:41 a bus rolls up, the driver gets off, the doors open and BAM! There are bags were. So, Cadiz was not in the plans but when we got there we had to kill some time, I must say they had one of the most gorgeous beaches I´ve ever seen. We took a bus back to Sevilla the same night and arrived at our hostel, the Backpackers Oasis. A pool on the rooftop, free drink, morrocan food for dinner and easy access to a lot of other things. We met some awesome people yesterday, some from Australia, India, Texas, North Dakota, Norway, and Japan. WE all went out together as a group last night and had a drink on the water overlooking the houses in Sevilla. It was exhilarating. We arrived back at our hostel at about 5:30 AM and went right to sleep. Woke up this morning for a quick breakfast on the rooftop and then enjoyed a nice siesta. We just purchased another night at this hostel and now we are about to rent a bike and explore the city.

We didn´t expect all that jazz to happen with our bags but I must say it woke me up real fast. I was speaking spanish words I didn´t even know that I knew. I was jumping, waving, and making every hand movement possible trying to describe what happened. It all worked out though. The weather is gorgeous, the people are gorgeous. We have one more night here and then off to Barcelona...I think.

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