Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 2 and we haven't made it out of the states just yet. Patience is a virtue? Hmm, sure is. Last night we were stranded in the airport with a meal voucher and no place to stay. After a little verbal argument with the lady at Bill Bateman's we were planning on finding the best place to sleep in the airport which managed to turn into an igloo after our flight was cancelled. Luckily my best friends came to the rescue, David Seay and Gear live about 45 minutes outside of bwi so I called Dave and told him we were stranded, without hesitation he said we're on the way. So our friends saved us from having to sleep on the airport floor. Thank goodnessss.

Now we are back at BWI, our first flight is already delayed but with the sun emerging from the clouds hopefully we can make it out of here today.

Fingers crossed. We will see.

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