Monday, May 24, 2010

we are all one drop in this ocean of life

I've been at the airport for roughly 4-5 hours now. Each time I experience the whole flight process my mind goes off the deep end with thoughts of what is actually happening. I sat on the runway in our boeing 757 and stared out the window as we took off from Ft. Lauderdale, as we rose through the sky I turned around and watched the large buildings, the thousands of cars, and the area I was in turn into what looked like a microscopic little city the size of a frisbee. People looked like ants, cars looked like colorful drops of paint, huge buildings looked like little legos. Flying absolutely amazes me. Two hours later I land in Atlanta and I parked myself by a window just so I could soak it in a little more (well I had to wait anyways, but it sounds better like that). I wonder what is next, we fly places now and it takes a few hours to fly hundreds and hundreds of miles. What next?  I watched a plane take off and I stared at one of the windows, that was me just a few hours ago, I wonder if someone was looking down at the window I was looking out of. Where were they going? What were they thinking? I still can't grasp the thought of it but I'll just add that to my list.

Dave's wedding was awesome, seeing all the boys again is always a blast. Solid weekend. Back to reality, err, well I don't have a reality right now, so back to my ongoing vacation.

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