Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will the Redskins actually be good this year?

Easily the biggest blockbuster move in the offseason so far has been Donovan McNabb to the Redskins. Well, does it matter who the Redskins get or is it just a black hole for good players? In the past the hype that surrounds Dan Snyder's Football Tycoon is always, well, just hype. They continue to dissapoint each and every year no matter who they hire as a coach or sign in the free agent market. But here I am joining on the bandwagon. With McNabb at the helm and Mike Shanahan as the head coach I actually truly believe the skins will improve this year. As long as they can get some O-Line to protect McNabb, they have three proven RB's and a solid group of receivers. The draft is fast approaching and is one of my favorite things on tv to watch. I really hope the Redskins improve this year and maybe make a push for the playoffs, but what I really care about is the Packers winning the Super Bowl and Brett Favre coming back for just one more year. Oh and if the Vikings win the Super Bowl, I'll be good with that too.

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