Monday, February 1, 2010

runnin' up that hill

Another weekend completed. Another week of school finished. Another day has come to an end. I'm still running up that college hill and I'm almost at the top. Each day comes with answers followed by more questions. These new questions have no answers for now but soon they too will be answered and followed by more questions. The cycle will continue. I feel like my life is the epitome of a LOST season. Each episode I learn something else and go Ahhhhh that makes sense now but then I ask myself what does that mean now? I keep trying to grasp each moment and really soak it in as they say. It's just something I don't think you can do too often. You can only look back and wish that you would of soaked up that moment more. But each moment is miniscule at the time but when we get a chance to hit the brakes and look back at those moments—that's when we realize how important those times were. I keep looking back to junior year, freshman year, high school, and all those little chapters are filled with miniscule moments and those moments as a whole are something that nobody will ever be able to take away from me. It's my memories, my moments, my time. The only way we can actual soak up those memories is by continuing to make them so that we can look back and remember them. So all I can say is keep making memories.

Tomorrow is Monday which is the beginning of another new week. What will this week bring me? What will I bring it? I don't know but I'll wake up tomorrow realizing how grateful I am to even be alive to offer something to this world. Goodnight.

keep runnin'.

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