Monday, February 22, 2010

i'm ALIVE.

I've played basketball my whole life. I've always played for the love of the game and just because I enjoy it. I realized the other day that isn't the only reason I play. Every time I play sports I end up meeting people that have a huge impact on my life. When I was in New York I met countless people each time I made it out to the streets to get a quick pick up game. Same goes for San Francisco and other places I've played. I went up to Fike on Saturday to get a good sweat and once again I met another person that changed how I think. He was a little older than I was and had been stationed in Korea. He said when he got back his eyes were opened wider, his thoughts were different, and the way he lived his life completely changed.

The main thing he talked about is the way we live our life here is just so different. We are greedy, we are stingy, and we are so unaware of what else is out there. He said each and every day he was there, he was amazed at the interaction he had with people there. They were always so happy he said, some without any shoes, with no iPods, no video games...nothing. But everyday they are thankful for just being alive and being able to enjoy just that was something that he took from being there. We get so caught up in our gadgets, our social networking, our outfits, our appearance, our money, our status, our things...and we don't take the time to get caught up in just being ALIVE. The happiness level comes within and you create your own happiness. That is something that a lot of people have trouble doing, their happiness comes from other, relationships, music, etc. But true happiness comes from within and your way of making that happen is to just thank God for being alive and having an opportunity to live. Don't get me wrong when an Angels and Airwaves song comes on and I'm blaring it in my car with the windows rolled down, I can't help but to smile and be happy. But those gloomy days where no song changes my mood and I'm feeling down in the dumps...those are the days where you can find happiness within and realize that those kids in Korea would give anything to be in the position that we are in.

So once again, I keep thinking about this stuff and I keep trying to implement all these stories into my life. I've definitely done a lot better lately and I continue to try and get better at that.


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