Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back in Tiger Town

So today concludes the end of my first weekend back in Clemson. I haven't been to school since Last December and I wasn't sure how it would feel when I got back. But as I got off the last exit, and saw the sky painted in Orange and Purple, it put a smile on my face and it felt like I hadn't missed a day. There's something about this place, 4 years into it, I still haven't figured it out. I don't know if it's the people, the city, the skies? I don't know...but something about Clemson always makes me happy. I'm not playing soccer anymore, so waking up that first day for class, and ending at 12:15 with nothing to do for the rest of the day was a little weird. Sooo, I headed over to practice with the guys. Being out on the field but not really being on the team definitely felt weird. I saw the freshman running as hard as they could, nervous from the pressure but excited for the opportunities ahead. I can't believe 4 years ago, I was a freshman, 18 years old and sitting out the first few days of preseason because I was ineligible. Then zooom, four years later, I'm out just knocking the ball around with Bryson and Hector and my career here is over. I thought I'd be sad about it all, but I don't think it will really hit me up until I'm sitting in Riggs Stadium and watching that first game, instead of playing.

I'm excited to be back, to see all the guys on the team, my friends that are still here and all my favorite professors. This semester should be interesting and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm back in Tiger Town.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye San Francisco

Tonight is my last night in San Francisco. Just like that it's over, back to the east coast. Back to school, back to reality. My experience here was incredible. The relationships I made, the experiences I had and the people I met were amazing. I didn't think I'd actually make it out here, but I'm glad I did and I always told myself when I was younger that this is what I wanted to do. My mom sent me a quote book when I was in college and I'll never forget this one line. It read:
"Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard. Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft. Travel."
I always wanted to do that, but I never thought it was possible — just because of money, housing, school, etc. But I decided that I really wanted to go to NY to get the whole feel of the city. Then I figured I was half done with something I truly wanted to do, so why not take a chance and go out west. So I did. And here I am, coming back home, so many things have changed since that first day I read that book but the experiences in NY and SF were one of a kind. I really figured a lot of things out about myself being out here. It taught me the true meaning of friendship, and happiness and once again how some things just aren't the same by yourself. It's about sharing the moment, and sharing the happiness. When I left the office today, I embraced some people that truly made an impact on me and watching tears roll down someone's face really made me think. I flew almost 2500 miles across the country for an opportunity to work for an advertising agency, and by doing that I met some people that have impacted my life greatly. Those people weren't in my life 3 months ago and by chance we happened to cross paths — me, chasing a dream and a quote...them, who knows? But the fact is, how many people are out there that you just barely miss crossing paths with? How many people people out there could of had a negative effect ? It's crazy to me to think of the possibilities but also makes me so thankful for what I am blessed with. My family and my friends mean the world to me and being in California might of softened me up a little bit, but it sure did make me realize what is important. Maybe I should of listened to that special someone in the first place :)

Back home to Fredericksburg tomorrow, then off to School.