Monday, July 27, 2009

keep on keepin' on

So a few weeks ago, I started a little small journal made of pictures I draw throughout the day, words I like, lyrics, quotes, places I ate, etc...Flipping back and seeing the stuff I write down and the things I'm feeling really help me remember how my days are pieced together. So many little things happen throughout the day that just slip my mind as the days go by. The journal is smaller than my hand and slips right into my front pocket. I got a sweet .005 point pen so I can write extra small in it. This little journal has most of my thoughts/ideas written down in them and is sort of why I stopped blogging for a little. Well and I didn't have internet for a few weeks and I just didn't feel like it.

I was looking at a calendar the other day and realized how big one day actually is. The way relationships change, the music that you listen to, the moods that you are in. With each day things change drastically, you can't see them, but I promise you go look at a calender...look back two weeks previous and think about what has changed during that time. For better for worse, who knows...But it's amazing to me how one day seems so short in the big scheme of things but when you piece together those few days, and that week or month. You realize that each day is such a huge opportunity. A chance to make a difference out there, a chance to chase your dreams, a chance to make new friendships that will last a lifetime, or make friendships that will last a week. Each day gives you an opportunity to move one step closer to what you are pursuing, or take you one step back. These days allow you to understand what you miss, what you love, what you need. I've never thought about a day like that, but it really struck me while looking at a calendar. Try it. It's crazy.

So each day I wake up, I try my best to take advantage of that day. Wether it be cloudy or sunny, sad or happy, stressful or easy-going...I've been trying to make a difference. It's so hard to not just pack it in some days, or just say today sucks...I give up. Or today I'm in a bad mood because I miss someone so bad so I'm gonna be a jerk all day. Or while getting ready to head out of work at 5:29 and someone comes to my desk saying, can you stay and help us...Two hours later, you're still there. Yeah all those times suck. But I heard someone say this to me the other day and I'm sure it's been tossed around many times but "keep on keepin on" — sort of like my dads quote to me..."Keep working hard son, and good things will come." I like that, and I try to live like that. Smile. Live. Laugh. Love. Oh and Dance and Sing...I like those too :)

So tomorrow I'll pretend like Monday is the new Friday, we'll see how long that lasts. But atleast I'll be trying.

Goodnight to all.

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