Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's meant to be shared

Bryson moved here on Saturday and we've done nothing but just explore the city of San Francisco. Last night being the most interesting outing yet. I got off work around 6ish and met Bryson over at the Trax little did we know the rep this place has. But the cheap drinks were to enticing to pass up. I grabbed a beer and we kicked it for a while and noticed some people sitting next to us having a good time. So we introduced ourselves and told them our story and asked them what they were doing know a/s/l — old school style. Well not so much the gender part because, well, that would be weird. Anyway, turns out these people were friends via Craigslist. The girl and her brother had rented an RV in Canada and were headed towards the states, they posted an ad on craigslist asking for some possible traveling mates. They got a few hits and turns out they scooped up two more people on the way. All four of them were hanging out in this bar, three Australians, one kid from Switzerland — all traveling in an RV. Listening to their plans and their journey they've been on was absolutely amazing. They haven't had jobs in forever, they're just traveling, sleeping on couches, picking up jobs left and right just living by the penny. But they all seemed so happy, and so excited about the future. They spoke of their travels to Asia, France, Germany, Italy, and more...then about Vegas, LA, San Fran, Texas and more. They said everywhere they've been they've met the most amazing and friendly people and they wouldn't change it for anything in the world.

It was hard and it sucked without showering for weeks, and barely eating but in exchange they've seen a lot of this world that some of us will never see. I would love to travel, maybe not that much because I love being around my family too but geez how awesome would that be to see all those places and not have anything to worry about. I've been able to travel a little bit with my last two internships which is really nice but someone said this to me a few weeks back, "It's not really about what you have and where you are, it's about the people you're with and the person you're with...and if you don't have anyone to share that happiness with, then it means nothing." I definitely agree with that, I enjoy being by myself on occasion, it's a nice break from everyone else. But sharing these moments with people that you care about the most is one of a kind.

So with my usual philosophical ending to my posts, here goes — keep your loved ones close, travel, but find someone you can share that happiness with because it really does make a difference. Life isn't all about money and jobs and all that stuff, it's about who you're with and love that really makes it worth while. Faith. It's all about faith :)

Everyday I wake up, I realize this more and more and even though I've thought about this before, things are really starting to sink in and make sense. Shoo, another serious talk :) San Francisco is amazing...

p.s. we saw UP in 3D tonight and it was the shiz twiz.


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  1. For some reason, I read your posts at the right time. And the faith thing? Something I discovered a couple of years back, but, on the way, it got lost somehow. It's good to be reminded of these things from time to time.

    I'm glad to have met you man ;)

    PS: play it cool boy =P