Friday, June 19, 2009


Today I had a decent day at work, got to work on some stuff for a client and did some action scripting stuff...But I decided I wanted to run after work since I didn't have any other obligations for once (i.e. looking for apartments, etc.) So when I got home I quickly changed and headed out to the path taken by many people that live here — which runs parallel to the pacific ocean. I went left at the stop sign today, which normally I take a right...and I was in utter amazement during my entire run. I don't think you'rse supposed to smile when you run because usually your legs are cramping, or you're breathing to hard and it's just not a pleasant feeling. But sometimes you get that runners high and today I'm not sure what I got but it was something better than that. I ran about 2-3 miles and for the entire run I had the hugest smile on my face — the smile you get on the last day of school, the smile you get when you see your significant other for the first time in months, or the smile you get when you're listening to Kings of Leon (well if you like them) — anyway, to each his own. But you know what smile I'm talking about...yeah, I had that for an entire 3 miles of running.

The breeze, the sound of the waves smashing into the boulders positioned into a tight fitting puzzle that lay parallel to a bike path that stretches for miles and miles, the birds chirping and maneuvering through the sky at ease, the kite runners angling their toy to be taken in the direction of the wind...all these things happening around me, people smiling, dogs running through the sand catching frisbees, groups of friends telling stories while having a beer, volleyball games, soccer games, couples under a blanket enjoying just being together. As I ran through all these things and noticed the sun setting behind the bridge and the temperature dropping to a mild 60ish. The feeling I had was more than exhilarating, it was more than amazing, it was pure bliss. I can honestly say I'll never forget the feeling I had tonight and I've explored maybe five percent of what this city has to offer but I guarantee if you traced my footsteps I took tonight — you'd move here in a second.

Dan cooked Jambalaya tonight and for dessert we had fresh sliced peaches forming a circle with yogurt in the middle and almonds on top. Sooo goood and today marked my 4th day of work and tomorrow is Friday and I'll be finished with my first week of work. I'm here. I made it. I'm in San Francisco and I love it.

p.s. I have altered my routes when approaching dogs...I learned my lesson.

Drift away.

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  1. One of your best for sure. I've had that smile running before too! The first time I ran on the Huckleyberry trail at Tech and the sun was setting orange over the mountains. And you really can't stop grinning. People are running past thinking "that chick is crazy" and I'm thinking "wooooo i'm allivveeee."