Sunday, June 7, 2009

My last cookout

So today marked my last cookout until I return home again. My destination this time: San Francisco. I leave on Friday of this week, with no place to live, not knowing a soul, and about to start a complete different job...I feel a little crazy. But nonetheless, I had to celebrate my last weekend with none other than a family cookout over at my grandparents house. These have been my favorite times for as long as I can remember. Simply going over there and being around all the family brings happiness to me, regardless of how I feel prior to the cookouts.

This very Sunday when I got there, the heat was brutal but I like to shoot some hoops before the food is ready. My grandma came out and played horse with me for a little, then my mom joined in as well. We only played one game and my grandma ended up winning with a little j-hook that I just couldn't match. Then it was time for food, which is always delightful. My grandpa should seriously be on Iron Chef, the things he does with food is beyond belief. Today we had an assortment of things. He usually does the grill stuff and my grandma prepares the rest. My Mom, Jason and Laura usually bring their own addition to the smorgasbord of foods that we pass around for our afternoon/night meal. Today we had ribs, and sausage stuffed with mozzarella, then fried okra, a fruit salad, pasta salad, and pulled pork. To top it off we had oreo pie for dessert (my favorite dessert in the world).

Each cookout that goes by brings our family just that much closer and it's like I told my little sister today, do you ever sit outside and wonder why we can't see things grow. If you stared at a piece of grass for 10 hours, to the human eye nothing would change. But sure enough that little blade of grass is growing. The same with a human being, watching Noah every weekend, I certainly can't see him growing but as the weeks pass and the months go by, the next time I see him I'll say to myself...He sure has grown. Which brings me to how close our family is. Each weekend, each cookout may not seem like we are growing as a family but as I continue to explore my opportunities in this world, and experience new things. That bond that my family has, that loving circle I'm apart of...well, it keeps me coming back home every single time.

So be thankful for your family, even though you may not notice the bonding and the growing of your relationships but many things in life are taken for granted, that being one of them. The one thing that I'll always know is that my family has their arms open at all times, and is certainly always up for one more cookout.

Thanks fam.

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