Thursday, June 18, 2009

hm, another welcome story

I usually don't complain on here but tonight I think I will. When I was in New York it took about a month for me to get myslapinthefacehellowelcometoNewYork incident. While being in San Francisco it's been less than a week and I think this is my dontyoudarethinksanfranisgonnaletyouliveherewithoutawelcome incident. So I'm checking out a few places down in the mission, and I notice a basketball court off to the side, so the light bulbs go off in my head and I zoom on over. Well, there is a dog tied up to one of the posts next to the court and I noticed him sitting there but didn't think twice know just a dog hanging out watching some hoops. WRONG. As I walked by he was eyeing me I suppose and right when he was out of my perifeal vision, chomp....His mouth clamped down on my leg like JAWS or atleast it felt like it. SO I'm frantically kicking this dog to stop biting me and as he lets my left leg free (while taking a chunk out of my jeans) he manages to bite down on my right leg. Now these jeans are some new Levi's I just scored from Urban — which I usually don't buy pants unless they are on sale...This being the exception because I liked them so much. Well turns out this dog didn't like them and thought he would make his mark on them. SO as I left mission with two holes in my new jeans, and a gash in my leg, I thought to myself...Welcome to San Francisco. Now I hope that is the last of my welcome incidents for now but I can honestly save I've never been bit by a dog like that and it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

I did come home to a home cooked meal from the people I'm staying with. They've been incredibly nice to me and I talk to them for hours and hours almost every night and it's like having my really good friends here. They are so knowledgeable and have so much advice to offer, I have been soaking up as much as I can because both of them are very successful people and are so happy all the time with what they are doing and what they have done. I'm definitely spoiled being in this situation and one of these days I can only hope to offer as much assistance and advice to someone that sure does need it.

Day 3 of work is overrr. So far so good. I'm learning a little more of the coding/flash/design side of things instead of dealing with print work — which is a nice change. Before I know it I'll be headed back home and I'll be off to school again.

Goodnight to all.

p.s. new iphone software came out tonight and it's dope, also Tweetdeck for the iphone came out as well. I LOVE technology.

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