Monday, June 15, 2009

east coast to west coast

As I set off to embark on my next trip, I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Little did I know I was about to partake in my longest flight/airport experience ever. I boarded my first plane in Richmond, and about 20-30 minutes went by and still no take off. Shortly after the pilot comes on the PA system and announces that we are currently 750 lbs. over the weight limit. Hmm, soo what shall we do? They announced that they needed volunteers to catch another flight. I didn't really feel like switching planes so I just sat there. All the sudden they come out and say "Is there a Brooks on the plane?" I raised my hand slowly, wondering if I had done something wrong. They told me they had a flight for me that would get me there a little later, so I said sure and they ushered me off the plane. Once I got off the plane I waited around for a little, and one of the receptionist came up to me and told me what was going on. They changed my flight to go to ATL now instead of New York...They gave me a meal voucher and I hung out for a few. When I went back up to the receptionist to get my new tickets, they handed me a $400 voucher for Delta Airlines. I sat there in shock and wasn't really sure what was going on, but apparently for my cooperation and the inconvenience of the whole situation — they gave me a voucher to make up for all of it. So I thought everything would be ok after this and I was pretty pumped up about my little voucher.

When I got to ATL I checked the little screens with the departure times and my time of 6:30 P.M was now delayed till 7:30...Hmm, whatever, so I grabbed a bite to eat — and checked back after...Well turns out now it's delayed till 8:30, and this continued all the way till our departure time of 12:25 A.M. Finally, I boarded...nothing could go wrong from here right? Wrong. The lady sitting next to me fell asleep on my shoulder multiple times. She kept apologizing but continued to somehow fall asleep on me. For an almost 6 hour flight I guess it could of been worse but that was definitely the longest experience I've ever had with flying. I got to San Fran about 5:30 EST time which was 2:30 in Cali.

I'm staying at a family friends house for a few days until I find something permanent. I fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed, and in the morning I went exploring. San Francisco is absolutely gorgeous, the first couple steps I took outside the house, I turned down a street and in the distance was the water. I couldn't stop smiling, and walked along the coast line. This is my second day here and so far it's been unbelievable. I don't know anyone here but being all alone out here not knowing a soul is kinda cool sometimes. I think atleast?

I start work tomorrow, I checked out the building yesterday and it's very similar to New York. I can't believe I'm in San Francisco, but then again I couldn't really believe I was in NY and now I'm I'm sure this will fly by just as fast.


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  1. I accidentally made enough coffee for you this morning only you weren't there to drink it. At least san francisco is awesome. Anddd you got a free plane ticket home. Wooweee.