Friday, May 1, 2009


I have one week left in New York City before I peace outta here, I'm not sure where I'll be this summer but I sure will miss the nature of 'the city.' Instead of feeling scared and embracing for the real world, I'm relieved to know I'm heading back to school for two semesters. The status updates that read "It's over, I'm done with college," or "nooooo..I don't want college to be over," are terrifying to me, but thankfully I'm not in that boat just yet. But on this bleak day in New York I took the time to hit the rewind button and fast-forward through my memories was exactly what I wanted it to be. And as the days wind down, I am scared at the fact that I'm leaving. Bereft—but knowing a new chapter is about to begin makes the whole transition bittersweet. 

So I will embark on my time here in more detail when I finally leave but a simple intro to my final week here was needed. 

and...I know this book came out a while ago and the bandwagon is out of sight, but I'm reading Kite Runner and it's effin fantastic. 

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