Thursday, May 21, 2009

so long, farewell NYC.

So I was gonna write my farewell New York post as soon as I got back but I didn't want to so quick. I still didn't believe I was gone already, it just felt so fast...My mom and grans dropped me off at my hotel and five months later I was headed home. On the ride home I thought about all the awesome times I had...the late night pinkberry outings, the sunday brunch at double crown, sugars, and public, the basketball pickup games and of course all the city explorations we made. I also thought about how amazing the people I worked with were, and the amazing location I was in. All these things kept buzzing through my mind and I realized how much I would miss it. I'm so glad I took the opportunity and went through all the crap I did to make it there. I was only there for such a short time but I made some really close friends and got thrown into the fire at work and learned more than I ever have. I wouldn't trade my experience for anything and I'll never forget how amazing it was. I will say the first night I got home, I got to drive my car again, and I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to someone barging in the room, and I fell asleep to my fan instead of the sirens and horns of the city. That was the first homey feeling I've had since christmas. When I woke up, I missed my breakfast at work, and going in the retouching room to ask Kris what's going on for the day, I missed catching the train into work and getting to read 5-10 pages of my book. I missed being able to choose from hundreds of places to eat at after work. The chance to catch all my favorite bands were less than a few train stops away, the amount of opportunity there was endless. But I can't say I'm a New Yorker, but I can say that I lived there and I had a great experience. (minus my iphone getting stolen)

My time there was brief, but the memories were vast. Another chapter ends as another is about to begin. I accepted an internship this summer at Ogilvy and I'll be heading to San Francisco in a few weeks. East cost to west coast...I can't wait for this opportunity and I can only hope that I'll have as good of a time there that I had in New York. I'm sure I'll make reference to New York on the reg, but as for now...the page is closed.

I already miss Pinkberry. ahhhhhhhh.

Reid and Pedro — we'll have to meet up at Double Crown sometime down the road, hopefully they'll still have the whiskey french toast.

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