Friday, May 22, 2009

Chancellor Soccer

Tonight my friends and I went over to Spotsy to catch the district championship for soccer. Chancellor (my highs school) was playing Courtland for the title...I saw my coach before the game, he was doing his pre-game ritual, pacing the field and playing situations over in his head with strategies to conquer the opponent. High School soccer at Chancellor isn't just any ol' soccer. It was a tradition, and to wear the jersey was to honor the players that came before you and play with pride and passion for the program. It was something that was drilled in our heads since we were freshman, but was something I learned to love while being there. Every school envied us, simply because the way our program was run. We had the best gear, the best fans, the best fields and the best coach. We didn't always have the most talented team but we damn sure had the hardest working team and tonight 5 years after I graduated continued that tradition. The game started slow, the play was sloppy in the midfield...Courtland had a few good chances and broke down the defensive at will, but then Chancellor caught fire and had some chances to go ahead. The score remained 0-0 for 80 minutes and then in overtime off of a free-kick the boys willed in a goal where the ball was bouncing around in the box. Chancellor went ahead 1-0 and never looked back as they took the district title and that will add another trophy to Webb's case.

I enjoyed watching the game tonight, and watching those kids get fired up before the game brought back memories of our friday night games, under the lights, big crowd, championship on the line...and to hear that final whistle is a feeling you just can't get with anything else.

So congrats to Chancellor and Coach Webb and good luck in Regionals.


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