Monday, April 13, 2009

time sure does fly

So Bobby, one of my best friends from home called me Thursday night and said, "yooo dude, I'm coming to NYC." I was in shock, because I hadn't talked to him a while and I certainly didn't think he would really come. Fast-forward to Saturday morning, Bobby calls me and tells me he's on Canal Street, it's 7:25 in the morning and I am struggling to open my eyes, I tell him how to get to my hotel. Bobby and I met each other when I was about 9 years old, our parents brought us to soccer practice, and we immediately bonded. We developed this chemistry not only in our friendship but on the soccer field. He knew what move I would do next, I knew what he was thinking, the pass he was about to play me, without him looking, I knew it was coming...The diagonal run that I was about to make 30 yards across the field, yeah, he knew I was gonna do it without even seeing me, and the ball that I wanted 10 yards into space, yep...he would play it. There was no verbal communication, there was just that connection. We used to spend hours and hours playing 1 v 1 in his back yard, come in for a drink, and right back to it. I can honestly say I would never be the soccer player I was without those long days when we were kids. We developed a love for the game, and that love carried me all the way to college soccer in the ACC. It carried him all the way to Old Dominion University where he has one year left. And that love that we developed, the drive and determination we had was all used to chase our dreams.

Reuniting with my best friend from childhood was exactly what I needed this weekend. The weather wasn't the best, but we trudged through it anyway. I got to show him the city as best as I could in the short period of time that we had. But as we walked around and talked about the past, and all our memories as a kid, it still amazes me how long ago that was and how much time has passed since that first night at Loriella park where our parents dropped us off for our first serious soccer team. I had such a good weekend, and on Thursday I'll make my way back to Clemson for an overdue reunion with my team. I'll get to see my family, my girlfriend, roommates, and my teammates.

Happy Easter to everyone, and I have one more month in NYC, then who knows where I'll be next.

Time sure does fly.

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