Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tarheels go out on top

Tonight marked the 2009 national championship for college basketball. The tarheels set out on a mission from the opening whistle. They stormed out in front with a large lead and the spartans choked on their dust the entire game. I always envied UNC, something about the baby blue, the talented athletes that played their throughout the years. My screen name when I was younger was uncboy212—real original huh? Anyway, after UNC jumped out to an early lead they cruised to victory, absolutely stomping Michigan State 89-72. MS State had no match for Ty Lawson as he orchestrated through their D with ease, Tyler Hansbrough did his usual thing and Roy Williams coached a perfect game yet again. UNC hit a few road blocks during the season but during the tournament, when it counted, they were flawless. It won't be the same watching them next year without Hansbrough, he'll partake in his next journey to the NBA and hopefully his hard-work will establish him as a top player for many years to come. I watched him these past four years and was in awe at how hard he worked and the passion that he played with. Every young aspiring kid in America should watch highlights of his presence during a game. He gives 110%, plays to the whistle, and motivates the players around him to step their game up. He was an integral part to UNC's success not only this season but the past four seasons. But anywho, they deserved it, they were the best team in the country in my opinion. So kudos to Roy Williams and his boys.
As for other sports tonight, the Yankees got smoked in their opening game. CC didn't pitch to well, welcome to NY buddy...hope he can handle some heat, because New York isn't exactly the easiest place to play, just ask A-Rod...

I drafted my fantasy baseball team tonight, so I'll be following baseball a bit more than last year and instead of just following the yanks, i'll be tuning into many games.


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