Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger Woods

So as many of you may know, Tiger Woods is officially back from his injury that kept him away from golf almost an entire year. Well he came back with a vengeance, and played in the Arnold Palmer Invitational this past weekend. It's his third tournament since being back, and being down by 5 strokes approaching the final round Tiger started chipping his way back to the top. On the final hole, he had a chance to birdie a 15 ft. putt to win it all. What do you think happened? The guy is beyond incredible, of course he sank it. As I watched on my small little TV from the 90s I stared in amazement. I actually did a real lol. I couldn't stop laughing because he really does amaze me with his determination and how hard he worked to get back to where he is now.

It reminds me of one of my best friends back at Clemson. Parker went through three knee injuries and each one he came back stronger, maybe not physically, but mentally. I'll never forget those long talks we had in the training room, the topics we discussed, the raps we made up about Matt Money, and the views we gave each other. I'm getting carried away about how much I miss Parker, but the truth is, that determination is so special and it's rare to find it. But my applause goes out to Tiger and seeing him come back and dominate is fitting. He deserves every bit of success that he has had in the past and that he will have in the future.

Which leads me to conclude with this, determination isn't a gift you're born with. It's an attribute that you acquire. I acquired my determination when I was younger, and I did this by watching my parents. My mom is the hardest working individual I've ever seen and my dad — he might actually take the cake by a little. Both of my parents are determined to make the best out of each situation they're given. I watched my dad grow up cutting lawns in the summer to make a little extra money to help our family out and I watched my mom work late hours every night of the week just so she could send me to camps. My grandparents are like second parents to me and they too were hard workers, my grandpa literally built a business from scratch and many years later has developed into one of the most prestigious photography businesses on the east coast. So no I don't believe determination is something your born with but I've been surrounded by it my entire life and I've been lucky enough to soak up those attributes from my family and it's shaped me into being the person I am today.

So I'll close with this, in my father's words..."Keep working hard son, good things will come." I live my life by that saying. So thank you to my family for giving me the drive to follow in your footsteps and thank you tiger woods for exemplifying determination at such a high level.

Determination is contagious, spread it — keep working hard, good things will come.


  1. Actually walked by the TV as Tiger sank his putt...daddy and I both just laughed out loud. What else can you do. You can just see it in his face...that will to succeed. I've seen that look before on your face...outside juggling that soccer ball or on the field when the game is on the line. Daddy is right...good things will come.
    PS Thanks for noticing the hard work :)
    Cheers to determination!