Wednesday, February 18, 2009

to the guy in the green jacket

February 16th, 2009 - 60th St. Park Avenue - New York City - 4:00 P.M.

That was about the time this happened. See what happened was I was standing in the middle of the street at a crosswalk, Virginia and I were trying to find Dylans Candy Bar which was conveniently not located where we thought it was. As I stood there I told her hold on let me check it out on my phone, so I pull out my iphone and pull up google maps and I'm trying to find this place on my phone. There was a group of people standing around me and suddenly I felt this weird feeling, maybe I'm just saying that now but atleast I thought I felt something. I turned to grab Virginia's arm with my iphone in my other hand and before I could turn back around I had been hit with a lot of force on my right arm, and in seconds I realized my phone had just been stolen. The thief took off running down the street...naturally, I took off running right behind him. Now that I think about it, probably not the best idea, but it was all instinct, I didn't think...I just ran. The entire time I was chasing this guy, I kept screaming all sorts of obscenities, and kept telling him he messed with the wrong person. While he was running he kept looking back noticing that I was getting closer and closer. I told myself I didn't care if this guy ran for 25 miles I wasn't gonna stop running until I caught him. We jumped over bushes, ran past cars, and dodged in and out of people. People on the sidewalk were screaming call the police, and old woman were screaming. Guys were jogging to try and watch the chase. I felt like I was on a movie.

Sure enough he tired out earlier than I did. I caught up to the guy in the green jacket, I reached out and grabbed the back of his jacket, and he stopped...we both froze, we were now staring at each other on the corner of the street. We were now a good ways away from the start of all this. We were over some streets and up an avenue but regardless, here we were...The guy in the green jacket and me, a few seconds went by and he decided he was going to fight me. He reared back with all his might and looked like he was about to throw a Mike Tyson punch on me, and for some reason I wasn't scared, I wasn't nervous, I was very calm, but furious at the same time and was gonna do anything I could to get my phone back. As he threw his punch, I ducked it(thank you matt for all those boxing lessons) I lunged at him and hit him in his chest and as he was falling to the ground he took my iphone and threw it down on the cement. He got up and looked back and took off running back down the street. I grabbed my phone, and held it high up in the air and I said some other obscenities. People flocked over to see what had happened and called the police. I was on the phone with the police and I was being treated like I was the thief or something so I hung up on them because I didn't feel like dealing with all their crap and I'm sure that is the least of the worries in the huge city of New York. 

The point is, I'm not sure why I chased him and now that I think about it, my phone is replaceable but my life isn't. But at the time I had no choice, I love my iphone, and ya know I just had to get it back. So finally all that running I did all my life and all those boxing lessons Matt gave me while I was doing my rehab - all that came into play on this very day, which was my 22nd birthday. It was the biggest adrenaline rush I've ever had and I'm glad that everything is ok now. But I guess that was my freshman initiation into the city. I think I did well. 

On top of all that, my phone was cracked but still fully functional. I spent a good thirty minutes on the phone with Apple and finally got to talk to someone high up and because of my story and the fact that I risked my life to get my iphone back they deemed my experience one of a kind and waved all my fees and I now have an appointment on Friday to a brand new phone for free.

So thank you to the guy in the green jacket, because of your stupidity I am now receiving a brand new sleek shiny iphone. Oh and next time try and not steal from someone who can run. Or better yet, don't steal...But then again if you hadn't tried to steal my phone I wouldn't be writing this post. Shame on you. 

I'm off to bed, I'll be sure to hold on to my phone a little tighter.

And thank you Virginia for handling the whole situation like a tough little girl :)

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