Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Day Weekend

So this weekend felt like an entire week, I got to do sooo much. My girlfriend came to visit me on Friday and she arrived in the evening. We went to a wine and chocolate bar called Ayza, it was so good and the atmosphere was really cool. We ended up getting 6 different chocolate truffles after our meal along with 3 sweet wines. I've never been to a place like that which was really cool. 

Then the next day we went to Dishes but unfortunately they were closed. So we ate at a cafe place and ended up looking at a few places over there. Then for dinner we ate at Alpha - which is my favorite sushi place where they all treat me like I am a celeberity. The people are so nice there and are always trying to give me free appetizers and free desserts. After that we took it easy and then woke up on Sunday and headed to Soho. That area is sooo nice, we went to a few places in Tribeca and just walked around and soaked up the city. We went to a few high-end places such as BO where one tv costs 20k. A little off my price range but hey, maybe in a few weeks...? I love that area over there, it reminds me of downtown fredericksburg but wayyy nicer. We walked in all kinds of one of a kind places that you would never find anywhere else. We ate a late lunch at a really cool french cafe that had open face sandwiches. Virginia got a pbj w/ mangos and nuts sprinkled on top. I got a avocado shrimp open face sandwich with fresh mozzarella and cilantro on top. After lunch we hung out for a little and then headed back to my place. We got ready and went to the Minskoff Theatre to catch Lion King. I've never been to a broadway show - and my honest opinion is that show was nothing less than amazing. It blew my mind the complexity of each scene and the timing of movements and the ingenious costumes. The whole experience was one of a kind and I'm glad I got to go, I would definitely recommend that show to anyone. 

The next day was my birthday, I turned 22. I can honestly say I don't feel any different than I did when I turned 18, but who cares. Virginia and I walked around a little bit and went over to Park Avenue, now I had quite the experience over here but I want to dedicate this 'experience' to a post by itself, so stay tuned for that. Later that night we went to Butter - now I heard how amazing this place was but I had no idea that the food would really be that amazing. I ordered a rack of lamb with some yogurt type of sauce and Virginia got filet mignon with potatoes. Both of our meals were so far above any meal i've ever had it doesn't even make sense. Well atleast it tasted that good at the time. We took a cab over to the mercury lounge and caught The Von Bondies, Neco Vega opened for them and the mercury lounge is a little smaller venue but the sound was incredible. I had such a good weekend and birthday. Virginia left this morning , and back to work I went to resume my daily schedule. 

I had such an awesome time the past three days.


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