Sunday, February 1, 2009

Journal Style

Thursday -
I went to Kings of Leon, which was amazing *refer to my post about kings a few months ago*...but this time it was a little different, I wasn't as close - I couldn't feel the speakers vibrating my chest, or I wasn't dancing with my girlfriend and all my friends right next to the stage...BUT..let me tell you, that feeling of laughing and realizing how amazing they sound and still dancing next to friends, welp...I still had that, that's for sure. They were so amazing again and I hope I get to see them again. Something about their words, the sound of their music blows my mind, and the way they talk to the crowd is something else. But I've explained all of this before and just go see them if you can.
Friday -
Work was fun today, I just got to shadow a few people, work on some projects, and learned some more flash. I found out that the interactive people are coming in so hopefully I get to work with them and learn how all that stuff works. I would love to get into Video editing, and CGI stuff - I think that stuff is so awesome. But when I got off of work I came home and hung out with some friends at the building and then went out around the town. I've had some pretty odd cab rides, and I'm not even sure why I take a cab - I guess because it's so cold sometimes and the trains haven't exactly worked like they're supposed to lately but anyway..I've met four different cab drivers now, all different in many ways, but all have the same exact goal...the SAME exact one that they may never achieve but I tried to give every single one of them some inspiration and I hope that they take that and I made a difference some how. I spoke to one of them about graphic design and what I'm doing here in NYC and he told me how bad he wanted to do that stuff - so I gave him some websites to get started and some tutorials to follow...He took me about 5 avenues down and talked and talked...He told me I was "good guy" and "good person" and said that he wanted to keep in touch with me. So I gave him my email and told him to never stop following his dream and to never give up, because if I would of given up just one little bit in my life there is no way I would be here today and not a chance I would be in a cab in NYC had I not kept working hard. Then the next night, I met another guy he wanted to do programming and said his main goal was to become a programmer and stop driving taxis but he just does it because he was to lazy and didn't want to do anything else. So I gave him some advice to just keep trying and never stop and even though it's tough you gotta work hard to be successful. The next night I met a 63 old cab driver who was very bitter. He didn't want to talk, he didn't want to be friendly, he just wanted to beep at everyone who drove by. But I kept asking questions, and kept talking, finally he stopped at a red light and started laughing, and then kinda unleashed a novel to me. About how he wishes he could go back to where he was born and misses it every single night and thinks about moving out but doesn't know what he would do for money. I told him the same story I told everyone else, just keep fighting, and keep working hard...Finally last night, the cab driver said the same thing, he wanted to do "something else" but just didn't know if he could. 
So I thought to myself in my philosophical way of thinking, I really think you can do whatever you want. You really can, obviously with a few exceptions, but for the most part if you set your goals high, and keep working hard, sooner or later you can achieve it...and the feeling of success and achievement is self-gratifying and such a feel-good moment. 
*friday was a little lengthy - skim if you please :) *
Saturday - 
I went to my favorite place to eat but they were closed so I stopped at a little place next to it and got a Mango Crusted Salmon Burger - pretty amazing...Then I headed to The Museum of Arts and Design - It was $15 dollars and soo worth it, some of the ideas I saw there were breathtaking. I sat there sometimes and said under my breath "Oh myyyy goodness." It's absurd how amazingly creative some people are. I snapped a few pictures here and there even though I knew I wasn't supposed to be, but I pretended like I was texting but I was snapping away (thanks iphone) Then I came home and went to the 17th floor and read about 100 pages of my book and then Pedro, Reid, Laura, Galina and I all went to dinner at Jon's Pizzeria. It's zagat rated..which means it's really good. IT didn't feel like a pizzeria but the pizza was so good. I went out for a little to Phebe's Tavern and Grill and the headed home.
Sunday -
Today I went to Forefront church at 11:30 and it was like New Spring but nowhere near the size and it wasn't as intense. I truly enjoyed this place, it was a little more homey and I felt like I could relate a little more with the people here and the pastor. Don't get me wrong New Spring is awesome, but sometimes I feel a little less appreciated there and I feel like things are so intense and it's hard to grasp sometimes. It was a good little place and I'm sure I'll be back. I ate at a place called Punch, which was known for it's nice :) I ordered a avacado omelette, which came with a bloody mary, coffee, and muffins for $15.95, not bad. Then I went to borders and read and EHS had a superbowl party, free pizza and drinks. It was a good game, but I wanted the cardinals to win.

Wow. long weekend , but I did a lot and I figured I need to write about it :) Excuse my journal style entry tonight but it was a must to recap everything. 

Monday is tomorrow, ahhhhh. Goodnight.


  1. sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend. i'm still so jealous you got to see kol again. oh and i particularly loved the part about the cab drivers. it reminds me of why i'm in college.

  2. oh shoot. i just looked at this again. andddd. i can't wait for the angels and demons movie. that's by far my favorite book he wrote. wooo, lets see it together.