Monday, February 9, 2009

Imagine Mural

Today Laura, Colin, and I went strolling through Central Park. It was sooo nice out, but I thought when the weather man said it was going to be 50 today, that it really was going to be 50. I learned the hard way, it still was really cold but I umm - well I didn't bring a jacket. So it wasn't as enjoyable as it could of been, but nonetheless it was such a nice day.

When we first entered into the Park, there was a guy that was in the middle of a group of people. I'm not sure if this is correct but he puts together a mural every single day with certain stuff from the park or wherever he can find things. It's called the "Imagine Mural" - we got there a little late and I heard him say he used blueberries, banana peels, and all kinds of stuff to make this mural. But I got a good picture of the mural today. The picture I took can be viewed on my flickr page. (I also posted some other pictures I took today)

There were thousands of people running/walking/biking/skating - anything you can think of all throughout the park. The ducks were swimming and attacking each other for food from the tourists. There was a cover band playing the beatles, there were families taking pictures, father and son playing catch, and dogs everywhere. It's amazing to me that so many people all come to this park and wether your running or playing music or just sitting on a bench - the feeling of being in this park is surreal. I saw a guy sitting on a bench with his dog by his side, legs crossed, sunglasses on, a smile from ear to ear, and he was just people-watching, while his dog was right by his side. He was just taking everything in and looked like he was enjoying the day just as much as I was but for a complete different reason.  

Anyway, I went to The Jouney church tonight and it was different, but I enjoyed it. 5 more days and Virginia is visiting. I can't wait until she comes. It's gonna be such a good weekend, my birthday is Monday and I get the day off. Thank you Presidents Day.


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