Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get better Grans.

So today it was around 50 degrees and it's February in New York...Tomorrow the forecast says 65 degrees...come on meow. It's nice but I like the cold, and it didn't feel like I got to much of that. Anywho, we tried a new place for lunch today called Cafe Cafe, it was pretty good. I did get a carrot juice that was quite splendid. 

On another note, my grandma got surgery today and it was a little more complicated than originally planned. But my grandpa kept me updated throughout the day with her progress and she is fighting hard, shes tough so I know she'll get through it. I wish I could be there to support her but I'm many hours away and can only wait for my grandpas updates via text. 

I watched the Grammy's the other night and saw coldplay perform with jay-z it was pretty awesome but I found the new music video that was sick. Check it out.


Tomorrow is Thursday, just like that...the weekend is almost here. That means virginia is commingggg....


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