Saturday, February 28, 2009

feel good doing good

The past few days I've really been thinking about just doing good stuff for people. Sometimes even the simplest things can make someone's day. I realized this a few times today and the past couple days. I'm sure I've realized this before, but I didn't think to much about it nor did I have a blog to write it down. I was sitting on the train and saw an older woman approach the door, she barely made it in and obviously would love to sit down. The E train was packed tight - as it usually is. I made sure to get her attention and offered her my seat. Now this is where it gets twisted...a younger woman who had been standing actually jolted towards the seat and cut this lady off and sat down - with no regret. I was so angry but luckily the lady acknowledged me and another person gave her a seat. Now don't get me wrong, I don't feel great because I gave an older lady my seat - your supposed to do that. It's not some big feat, but it definitely made me feel good and she smiled, which you don't see to many smiles around the city. 

Anyway today I went to Barnes and Noble with Reid and Laura, we dispersed throughout the store and agreed to meet up in a little. A little turned into an hour, but nonetheless, the feeling of being in a bookstore and enclosed with endless knowledge is warming, but it also lets you know how much is out there, and how little you know. I am always drawn to the design books and I usually strike up conversations with people that are looking at the same stuff. Today I attempted to ask someone if they were learning After Effects - well, he didn't answer me. So I asked answer. I tried one more time and still no answer, finally the guy looked at me and signed to me that he was deaf. I could tell he probably gets that a lot and probably thought I would just turn around and walk away. I sort of got nervous, because I took two years of sign language and don't know much at all but I figured if I turn around, he will have missed out on meeting someone and talking to a stranger. So I quickly cycled through all the sayings I learned and tried to remember just anything I could sign to him, I got his attention and signed to him if he was trying to learn after effects. The smile that came upon his face was amazing. He seemed so happy and quickly put the book down and signed very slow for me - he said he was trying to learn but it was so much information.We had about a 5 minute convo and he thanked me for talking to him and I told him it was good talking and have a good day. I felt so good walking away but wished I would've known more so we could of continued to chat. 

So my point is, you don't need to know sign language to do good, but if we try and do good, it's usually reciprocated, and that good is contagious. So do more good, and feel good doing it. The more we try to be nice, the more people will be nice. It's the little things that count, as cliche as it sounds, it really is. Simple things like holding the door, picking up something someone dropped, giving your seat up, striking a conversation, smiling....the good words are endless. 

So the next time your out, feel good doing good. 

Just try it.

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  1. yea, smiles are definitely hard to come by in nyc, any way you can create a few more of them is definitely a good thing