Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Brett Favre

So I opened up today at work and the highlight was "Brett Favre retires." It certainly didn't shock me up as much as it last year but it still saddens me to see him go. He's all I knew growing up as a kid, he's the only player I wanted to always see, he's the only athlete that I will never forget, he was my idol. The way he played, so effortlessly, so carelessly, so gracefully, (insert a good word that ends in ly) - anyway...He was the man, my dad and I use to just chuckle at the things he did. We would go out into the back yard and my dad would say "Favre drops back, he throws it deeppp." I would dive to catch the ball and say "He caught it, TOUCHDOWN." My dad and I would celebrate and do a couple more plays and then hustle back inside to catch the rest of the game. Some of my most fondest memories as a kid is watching the packers with my dad either at our old house on halloween night or our new house when Favre's dad died and many more games.

When I heard he was retiring last season, a part of me thought he might come back, this's over. There is no way he'll try and come back and I hate to see him go out on a year that didn't prove his abilities but I will always remember his great moments and him leading the packers to the super-bowl and being the reason while they were so successful. I'll remember him laughing, and running around the field jumping on his players and celebrating, playing the game like a kid. Enjoying it. That's what I'll remember. 

He'll go down as the greatest QB to ever play the game, or atleast in my mind he will and I'm sure many others.

So heres to you Brett, thanks for all the great laughs, and enjoyable moments with my dad watching you. Thanks for exemplifying the way you 'should' play the game. 


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  1. Oh the memories...I too, will always remember the joy Brett brought into our household.