Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yeah, that's right...It's almost thursday which means I'll be watching Kings Of Leon perform about this same time tomorrow night. Today was a normal day - it snowed on the way to work/made the roads all dirty...Snow just isn't the same here, all my memories are waking up seeing my front yard on Galaxy Dr. being completely covered in a blanket of white and watching as the snow flakes graciously fell to the ground. Here...well, I still love the snow - I love that feeling of being out in snow and seeing it...but here is just different. If you look up for to long trying to catch a snowflake on your tongue you get bulldozed by oncoming heartless people. I mean come on NYC - can't you see me trying to catch a little snow...Anyways if you manage to have some free space then usually the moment is ruined by some stupid cab driver blowing his gosh damn horn. Or a cloud of cigarette smoke that smacks you in the face and even worse that white blanket I referred to...nope...not here, the snow is actually the color of a root bear float on the ground. So, I might add if you can't already tell, snow in the city isn't exactly pretty. Now I'm rhyming - I guess that means it's time for bed. 

But anyway, I love snow and I guess you just have to get off the roads or get off to a less populated street to really take in the feeling. I'm just rambling...but I hope you get it.

I'm gonna read a little just because I have some time. Goodnight.

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