Sunday, January 11, 2009


I went to sleep last night anxiously awaiting the morning. I felt like I was in middle school again - when I heard the weather report and thought about what I would do when school got cancelled. I checked the weather last night and saw the forecast..."1 - 5 inches of snow throughout manhattan" - immediately I smiled. Why? There is something about snow, I don't know if it's because it brings back all my childhood memories of playing in the snow at my old house and coming in through the basement door, ripping my clothes off and sprinting/skipping stairs to make it to the top where my ever so amazing mom had prepared hot chocolate for us. Then flying back downstairs and outside to the snow again. Maybe it was all the days that we missed for school, or maybe it's just that feeling of how amazing mother nature is to provide us with this soft falling of white crystals that lay gently wherever they land. I don't know? 

But today brought me back to those memories...I went to get some lunch at a place called Cosi, it was so good. I got a half sandwich, half soup deal. Tomato Basil soup with a grilled chicken with fresh mozz sandwich. Then Andrea and I hopped on a train to Central Park. With the snow flying at my face and my hands shivering from the cold, I snapped a few pictures of the northern part of central park and a smile came across my face - and right there I felt a sense of happiness come over me. That same feel I used to get as a kid. The similarity was incredible, which cemented my realization - it's snow. I love it. I simply love when it snows - it gives me a euphoric sense of freedom. But maybe that's me...who knows.

Tomorrow I'll be in search of a new place to eat. 

The panthers choked today, Jake Delhomme - 5 interceptions? Come on Jake, that's bad. 

The cardinals in the playoffs? I don't remember a time in my 21 years of existence that they were in the playoffs. 

I made some new friends today, they make me laugh. I love laughing...not as much as snow though, well maybe...I don't know, I'll save laughing for another post :) I can't use up all my material on one post, ya know?

The picture is where we entered central park today, a little panorama. 


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