Monday, January 19, 2009

ketchup - I mean catch up.

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week. I've been brainstorming new names for my blog and I had to change the address. I also designed a new background image for my title, The Wayward Walk. 

The past week has been pretty interesting, work has been good, the amount of information is overflowing out of my head(kind of like my toilet - but i'll get to that later) 

 On a different note, I was in my bed yesterday and looked down to see water pouring into my room. Shocking? yes it was...It's not everyday that you wake up from a nap and your room is transferred into a pool of toilet-water. My toilet had been making noises for the past week or so and I did some complaining here and there but nothing was ever done. I guess my toilet had enough and decided to pour all of the water into my room. EHS came up to my room with vacuums and all sorts of tools and cleaned things up pretty fast. I am down a bathroom mat though, but everything else is a-ok. 

 This weekend I did some bar-hopping with Colin, one of my buddies from down the hall. We went over to china-town which was quite dead but I can only imagine how crazy it is during normal hours. At evolution the bartender showed us some magic tricks - quite impressive..and 2.50 PBR's - you can't beat that(well atleast in NY you can't) then we went over to the Whisky Town - prices were super high but I did get a free coozy with my drink. Overall I had a pretty good time - I feel like if I lived here for 10 years I would never get to experience even half of the cool places to go around here. 

 I watched both championship games today and I was quite impressed with the Cardinals. They haven't been to the playoffs in almost 70 years. Larry Fitzgerald is incredible and I'm happy for Ol' Kurt making it back to the superbowl. He used to work at a grocery store before the NFL so that is quite the turn around. The steelers dismantled the ravens and are headed to the superbowl. I'll be rooting for the Cardinals for sure. 

 Ok that was a quick catch up of things, I'll be sure to post more often from here on out...Or atleast I'll try. I've met some more people this past week as well - I love meeting new people, hearing their story, and seeing all the different personalities. Everyone is so different, and I can see myself being friends with a lot of them for a long time. 

 I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend and enjoys the holiday.


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