Sunday, January 18, 2009

flight 1549

On January 15, 2009 around 3pm...A US airways plane headed towards Charlotte crashed into the hudson river. The plane headed into a flock of geese and suddenly both engines were completely dead - and the silence crept over the entire plane. The heroic pilot thought of returning to the airport but realized he wouldn't have time to make it back. So being a badass - he simply headed towards the hudson, picked out a landing spot, and effortlessly landed the plane into the hudson. Immediately passengers got the doors open and got onto the floats - within minutes the huge boats around were there to rescue them. As all this happened I was sitting in my desk on the 19th floor. I heard someone say "Oh my god, a plane is down in the hudson." So we all ran to the TV and watched as CNN reported live on the news. It was chaos out on the Hudson, but I managed to snap a few pictures and the one above is probably the best one quality wise. The impact alone of the plane into the water could of snapped the plane in half, but the delicacy of the landing allowed everyone to exit the plane in an orderly fashion and thankfully everyone on flight 1549 survived. In my opinion, the pilot should be able to retire and continue to get payed forever. The man is a hero and deserves more than just the key to the city. Many lives could of been taken had it not been for the perfection of his landing. It definitely was a heart-warming story that I'll never forget. 


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