Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm finally here...

Another chapter, another beginning, another drop-off. 

My mom and grandma dropped me off in New York City tonight, it seemed like it was yesterday when they were dropping me off at Clemson. Clemson and New York aren't exactly the same thing but I definitely had the same feeling as I did four years ago. 

New York was just as overwhelming today as it was a few weeks ago. You always hear nobody sleeps here, but as I sit in my 18th floor high-riser apartment, I still hear the screeching of wheels, the beeping of horns, and the voices of the city. So I guess they were right. Nobody ever does sleep.

My life is about to drastically change and when I first got here I was sick to my stomach because here I am again, 21 years old, by myself, starting another chapter, another beginning, another drop-off. But then I realized the opportunities that are out there, and the places to see, and the people to meet. So I'm excited and I can't wait to start my first day of work tomorrow. I hope I make it there on time :)

I can't wait to see what this place has to offer but I'm going to pay a huge price. Not just in money...but in not being with my family...again. and now not being with my college friends for the first time...and not being with my friends from home...again. and not being with my girlfriend...again. If only you could have everything you wanted at all times, but life doesn't work like that. So here I am, in New York City, something I said I wanted to do for a while now...I'll never forget this first night for as long as I live.  

I'm finally here. 

and p.s. I bought a subway unlimited pass today - hollaaa

and I'll write about gatlinburg when I get a chance...I just figured since tonight was the first night I was in NYC - it deserved a post to itself.

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