Wednesday, January 7, 2009

catch phrase for life

So I was a little overwhelmed yesterday after my first day and I didn't get a chance to write about being in Gatlinburg. So here here goes...

Gatlinburg, Tennessee  is somewhere we usually go almost every Christmas. My grandpa usually books a condo and the whole family meets there. It's something I always look forward to every year, because after Christmas is over things usually wind down and you realize ahhh the Christmas flame is burning out and all the fun and good spirits come to an end. But then we go to Gatlinburg and that spirit and happiness is rekindled. Everyone always asks what we do, and to be honest I don't think it's about what we do, it's about being around family. We play boards games for hours and hours. Everyone goes to sleep pretty late, and we wake up early. 

Something I will note is that we eat at the most amazing breakfast place you could ever eat at. Pancake Pantry is the name - rain or shine there will always be a line so you must wait some time before you spend your dime and this is my rhyme...shooowee, no but seriously..I've never been without there being a line and our last experience was no different. It was raining/sleeting and it was miserable weather but as we walked around the corner, sure enough a good 50 people standing outside in line waiting to dig into the amazingly amazing food they offer.

We usually tend to disperse around the city and go to different shops and different stores. But the experience every year, though repetitive, never gets old. I look forward to it every year and I love spending time with family. My grandpa makes it happen every year so I'm gonna be on him soon to start reserving a space for next year.

Changing gears a little..

Today was my second day of work, and I felt a little more comfortable today, I still had to use my little cheat sheet to find the right train and to get off on the right exit and make the right turns under the subway but..overall - a success I must say :) Work was a little more hectic today we were a little understaffed and once again I had a lot of information thrown at to me all at once. My boss took me out to lunch again today and it is crazy how many different places there are to eat there. But my bed awaits me. 


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