Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Alpha Fusion NYC

Alpha Fusion NYC, originally uploaded by mjbrooks10.
So in order to honor boingboing and celebrate Rabbit Hole Day I decided to just not really post about anything. I did go see Notorious tonight, which was pretty impressive. It's not a movie you want to bring your grandparents too because it's pretty vulgar -but my grandparents will do anything and go anywhere - so if you want to see Biggie's story than it's pretty good. I can remember sitting in the back of the van listening to notorious thugs and writing down the lyrics in a spiral notebook with Cheyenne. That was many moons ago. I'm going to sleep and I miss my family, I miss my girlfriend, I miss my friends, and I miss my roommates. 

I'm not sure I did a good job honoring Rabbit Hole Day because I just posted about something I suppose...But then again I guess you can't really post about nothing, because nothing is something and that's just another story in itself but my right eye just closed and it's time for sleep.


Here is another picture of my dinner...

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  1. That dinner looks high class. However, my sushi last night came out of a plastic container from the worst place on campus because nothing else was open when I got out of practice.

    Good for you though!

    Oh and, weird. Last night, my left eye was the one that was closing.