Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Yeah, that's right...It's almost thursday which means I'll be watching Kings Of Leon perform about this same time tomorrow night. Today was a normal day - it snowed on the way to work/made the roads all dirty...Snow just isn't the same here, all my memories are waking up seeing my front yard on Galaxy Dr. being completely covered in a blanket of white and watching as the snow flakes graciously fell to the ground. Here...well, I still love the snow - I love that feeling of being out in snow and seeing it...but here is just different. If you look up for to long trying to catch a snowflake on your tongue you get bulldozed by oncoming heartless people. I mean come on NYC - can't you see me trying to catch a little snow...Anyways if you manage to have some free space then usually the moment is ruined by some stupid cab driver blowing his gosh damn horn. Or a cloud of cigarette smoke that smacks you in the face and even worse that white blanket I referred to...nope...not here, the snow is actually the color of a root bear float on the ground. So, I might add if you can't already tell, snow in the city isn't exactly pretty. Now I'm rhyming - I guess that means it's time for bed. 

But anyway, I love snow and I guess you just have to get off the roads or get off to a less populated street to really take in the feeling. I'm just rambling...but I hope you get it.

I'm gonna read a little just because I have some time. Goodnight.

Alpha Fusion NYC

Alpha Fusion NYC, originally uploaded by mjbrooks10.
So in order to honor boingboing and celebrate Rabbit Hole Day I decided to just not really post about anything. I did go see Notorious tonight, which was pretty impressive. It's not a movie you want to bring your grandparents too because it's pretty vulgar -but my grandparents will do anything and go anywhere - so if you want to see Biggie's story than it's pretty good. I can remember sitting in the back of the van listening to notorious thugs and writing down the lyrics in a spiral notebook with Cheyenne. That was many moons ago. I'm going to sleep and I miss my family, I miss my girlfriend, I miss my friends, and I miss my roommates. 

I'm not sure I did a good job honoring Rabbit Hole Day because I just posted about something I suppose...But then again I guess you can't really post about nothing, because nothing is something and that's just another story in itself but my right eye just closed and it's time for sleep.


Here is another picture of my dinner...

Monday, January 26, 2009

thank you mr.ipod

Tonight I hopped on a train to catch a reading by former president Jimmy Carter but I guess I didn't think things through very well. When I got off the train I got lost but ended up finding Barnes & Noble. I walked in and didn't realize the line outside, I approached an employee and said "where do I go for the reading by Jimmy Carter?" He laughed at me and pointed outside, so I walked out and yep...there were over 500 people in line waiting with books in hand - mind you it was about 15 degrees. So I peaced outta there pretty quick. I tried to find a good place to eat but madison avenue only had big time designer stores and all those jewelry joints. So I walked around pretending like I knew where I was(which I do a lot) and found some little red stone pizzeria which was very good. Anyway...the point of this post has yet to be discusses so here goes.

When I got back on the train, I was texting my wonderful girlfriend and realized I had no service as I was entering the subway. So I put my phone in my pocket and started to think, there are so many people here in new york that rely on cell phones and wireless networks to provide them with service to stay in touch with their friends and family. Once you enter that subway, that connection is put on hold and you are left with just the people that are down there with you. Luckily, I had my ipod - and I turned on some Kings Of Leon(which I'm going to see on Thursday at MSG) and I sat there and closed my eyes and turned it up really loud and thought shoooweeee...I'm glad my ipod wasn't connected to a network and I didn't lose service. Each person in that subway was on their own agenda, doing their own thing, yet we were all brought on this subway at the same time because our paths had all crossed at that very moment. I turned up my music and sat there and thought about how nobody knew what I was listening too(unless maybe the person next to me since I was blasting it) but I was in my own place and I couldn't stop smiling because all the memories that flood into my mind are some of the best times I've ever had. All the nights before I went out at school...Bryson, Scott and I would just blast Kings as loud as we can and even though it was just us three, it was always so much fun. Then listening to it on the top deck on the cruise at 2 in the morning while sailing across the ocean was something that will forever be associated with listening to them. All these things kept going through my mind and I couldn't help but to chuckle. And now I get to see them again on Thursday. 

Anyway if you don't feel like reading all that hopefully you scrolled down here and long story short...Kings of Leon are amazing, I'm glad ipods don't have a service to connect too, and I didn't realize that many people wanted to listen to Jimmy Carter read. Well that's all for now.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spice and Pinkberry

I went to Trader Joes the other day and the train that we took there was out of service when we got out, so we got free passes on a bus back to our apartment. On the way home I noticed some really intriguing places on 8th ave. So...when I got home from work today I put my earphones in and started down 8th Avenue. I stopped at a few places and checked out their menus. Nothing seemed to enticing, but I didn't care...15 degrees with some new tunes playing - I could manage for a little while longer - so I trudged along. Finally I got to about 22nd street and saw a place called "Spice." It turned out to be Thai food and I looked it up really fast on my phone and read some reviews. "Great service, great food." "Best thai food in NY." So I went in. The atmosphere was very low key - like a dining room with all the lights dimmed down so that you could just barely read whats in front of you. It was loud, and very very tight. I got a table to myself and when I sat down, my shoulder was actually against the person next to me. I got to listen in on two different conversations tonight and because I was by myself and didn't have anyone to converse with, you can imagine how awkward it was.. Anyway, I love thai food, and I've had it a few times since I've been here. My favorite place to go was back home, Bangkok Thai -my family would always go there and they would have live music that my grandpa and I always enjoyed - but sadly the thoughtful owner, Chad, decided to pack it up. I ordered panang curry w/ shrimp, and a side of peanut sauce. The service was fast and the food was incredible. So far I honestly don't know if I had anything bad since I've been here. 

On my walk home, I was dancing a little to the music, not only because I love music but because it was freezing and I was trying to stay warm. But eitherrrr wayyy I couldn't feel my face nor could I feel my toes (which I still swear I have bad circulation, but who knows) I ended up stopping at a Pinkberry, which I've never heard of until my girlfriend told me about how they have them all over LA. So I figured I would give it a try. It was very simple, modern and packed full of people - which I thought was a little odd, considering how cold it was but I guess I was crazy for being there as well. I got a swirl(pomegranate and original) then added mangos, blackberries, and pomegranate seeds. It was amazing. I know this is getting repetitive, all the amazing and delicious things I've eaten here...maybe I'll find a bad place so I can write about it being terrible so atleast my good places will have some value to it. 

Rewind a little...
Today was the inauguration of the 44th president, Barack Obama. We got an email that told us all to meet in one of the big conference rooms to watch it live. It's something that will go down in history as one of the most viewed events ever. This will give you an idea of how many people were there, click here to see an overhead view of the inauguration today. Obama's speech was very passionate and uplifting. He speaks with such power and poise and the demeanor he has when he's speaking is something that can't be described. It really is something special. I hope that he translates all his words into actions and that he can save this mess that were in. I'm sure we all hope that and if you don't well...then you're sick and need help. Regardless, today was a historical event - one that I'll be able to recall for many years. If you didn't see it, I'm sure it will be on again as I've already seen it replayed a few times on different networks.

Tomorrow is already wednesday, and I have a huge assignment at work that I dove into today and will continue tomorrow. I learned a good bit about InDesign today, which was nice because I don't have much experience in that program. 

Sleep time.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I slept in today and skipped one of the MLK events I wanted to attend. But never fear, there were plenty more during the day. Anna recommended me go to a place called Dishes, it was by far the coolest and best place I've ate at since I've been here. It was very modern but cozy place. They had create your own soup, salad, sandwich, juice, smoothie, stir fry, and more. I created my own salad and got candied walnuts, avocados, fresh mozz, and grilled shrimp. It was amazing. Then I went to the juice bar and I got strawberries, mangos, and carrots - freshly squeezed...It was so goood. It snowed the whole walk there and back. It didn't start sticking until a little later. I stopped at Guy and Gallard and got a cinnamon hazelnut coffee and finished perks of being a wallflower. It was really good. 

I took a train over to the Symphony Space  for the MLK festivities. This was the insert I found online:
Honor the life and work of Dr Martin Luther King, on the eve of this historic presidential inauguration, with a free celebratory night of music featuring Abraham, Inc. and their unique blend of the sounds of renowned trombonist Fred Wesley, klezmer clarinet virtuoso David Krakauer, and beat architect Socalled.
I got there right for the start of it and they sang a quick song, and then a few speakers got up and expressed there thoughts of the historic day that will be taking place tomorrow. They spoke of the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact he had on Obama becoming president. It was very inspirational, and then they showed a video about MLK and the inauguration taking place tomorrow. Then the band came out and put on an amazing show. There were 11 people on stage...sax, trombone, accordion, bass, piano, electric guitar, a rapper, beatboxer...They had everything. Now you might think that it all clashed but I can assure you, it was perfect. Everything sounded absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop laughing but thankfully I had an awesome seat so I got to snap some photos. I was approached by two security guards who thought I was video taping the event, but I cleared things up with them. The show ended around 8:30 and I grabbed a piece of pizza and headed home. I posted most of my pictures on my flickr page. Click here to check them out. 

Tomorrow will mark one of the most historical moments in my lifetime. I wish I was in DC to actually see it but I'm sure I'll have a chance to see most of the video footage. 

Back to work tomorrow. I had a pretty sweet three-day weekend.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ketchup - I mean catch up.

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week. I've been brainstorming new names for my blog and I had to change the address. I also designed a new background image for my title, The Wayward Walk. 

The past week has been pretty interesting, work has been good, the amount of information is overflowing out of my head(kind of like my toilet - but i'll get to that later) 

 On a different note, I was in my bed yesterday and looked down to see water pouring into my room. Shocking? yes it was...It's not everyday that you wake up from a nap and your room is transferred into a pool of toilet-water. My toilet had been making noises for the past week or so and I did some complaining here and there but nothing was ever done. I guess my toilet had enough and decided to pour all of the water into my room. EHS came up to my room with vacuums and all sorts of tools and cleaned things up pretty fast. I am down a bathroom mat though, but everything else is a-ok. 

 This weekend I did some bar-hopping with Colin, one of my buddies from down the hall. We went over to china-town which was quite dead but I can only imagine how crazy it is during normal hours. At evolution the bartender showed us some magic tricks - quite impressive..and 2.50 PBR's - you can't beat that(well atleast in NY you can't) then we went over to the Whisky Town - prices were super high but I did get a free coozy with my drink. Overall I had a pretty good time - I feel like if I lived here for 10 years I would never get to experience even half of the cool places to go around here. 

 I watched both championship games today and I was quite impressed with the Cardinals. They haven't been to the playoffs in almost 70 years. Larry Fitzgerald is incredible and I'm happy for Ol' Kurt making it back to the superbowl. He used to work at a grocery store before the NFL so that is quite the turn around. The steelers dismantled the ravens and are headed to the superbowl. I'll be rooting for the Cardinals for sure. 

 Ok that was a quick catch up of things, I'll be sure to post more often from here on out...Or atleast I'll try. I've met some more people this past week as well - I love meeting new people, hearing their story, and seeing all the different personalities. Everyone is so different, and I can see myself being friends with a lot of them for a long time. 

 I hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend and enjoys the holiday.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

flight 1549

On January 15, 2009 around 3pm...A US airways plane headed towards Charlotte crashed into the hudson river. The plane headed into a flock of geese and suddenly both engines were completely dead - and the silence crept over the entire plane. The heroic pilot thought of returning to the airport but realized he wouldn't have time to make it back. So being a badass - he simply headed towards the hudson, picked out a landing spot, and effortlessly landed the plane into the hudson. Immediately passengers got the doors open and got onto the floats - within minutes the huge boats around were there to rescue them. As all this happened I was sitting in my desk on the 19th floor. I heard someone say "Oh my god, a plane is down in the hudson." So we all ran to the TV and watched as CNN reported live on the news. It was chaos out on the Hudson, but I managed to snap a few pictures and the one above is probably the best one quality wise. The impact alone of the plane into the water could of snapped the plane in half, but the delicacy of the landing allowed everyone to exit the plane in an orderly fashion and thankfully everyone on flight 1549 survived. In my opinion, the pilot should be able to retire and continue to get payed forever. The man is a hero and deserves more than just the key to the city. Many lives could of been taken had it not been for the perfection of his landing. It definitely was a heart-warming story that I'll never forget. 


Monday, January 12, 2009

stephen chbosky

I've been on a reading kick for the past few weeks, and it's always easy to dive into a book when I have nothing else to do and I'm constantly in the car for a long period of time, but I promised myself I would continue to read once I got to New York. I've been carrying around my book in the subway and I read a few pages here and there and try to read before I go to sleep. On the way home from work today I wasn't in the best of moods, but something caught my attention and it was a little part of the book that I'm reading now. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky - it's the story of what it's like to grow up in high school and it's written like a diary. The part that made me think was this...

"December 23, 1991

Dear friend,
Sam and Patrick left with their family for the Grand Canyon yesterday. I don't feel too bad about it because I can still remember Sam's kiss. It feels peaceful and right. I even considered not washing my lips like they do on TV, but then I thought it would get too gross. So, instead I spent today walking around the neighborhood. I even got out my old sled and my old scarf. There is something cozy about that for me. 
I walked over to the hill where we used to go and sled. There were a lot of little kids there. I watched them flying. Doing jumps and having races. And I thought that all those little kids are going to grow up someday. And all of those little kids are going to do the things that we do. And they will all kiss someone someday. But for now, sledding is enough. I think it would be great if sledding were always enough, but it isn't. "
I read this a few times and realized this has a little to do with my previous posts about relaxing and having fun all that kind of stuff. But this little passage right here couldn't of said it any better. One day all of us will grow up and sledding won't be an option. Thankfully I'm still at a point in my life where stuff like that is enough. But we don't think like that anymore, we always want more, and want to do something bigger and better. The funny thing is, something as simple as sledding is enough. Why we try and make things so much more knotty, I'll never understand. Some days I think what can I do to have so much fun? Or what should I do today or where should I go? But the truth is, that passion, that fun, that sledding feeling can be found anywhere. But to each is own. I sat in my chair today and listened to Muse and read my book and no that didn't bring me the exhilarating feeling of flying down a hill on a sled, but it made me feel serene - and with that, I was able to relax and enjoy the moment. 

So my advice to you is to find your moment where sledding is enough. Whatever it may be, find it. Indulge in it. Relax. Breathe. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I went to sleep last night anxiously awaiting the morning. I felt like I was in middle school again - when I heard the weather report and thought about what I would do when school got cancelled. I checked the weather last night and saw the forecast..."1 - 5 inches of snow throughout manhattan" - immediately I smiled. Why? There is something about snow, I don't know if it's because it brings back all my childhood memories of playing in the snow at my old house and coming in through the basement door, ripping my clothes off and sprinting/skipping stairs to make it to the top where my ever so amazing mom had prepared hot chocolate for us. Then flying back downstairs and outside to the snow again. Maybe it was all the days that we missed for school, or maybe it's just that feeling of how amazing mother nature is to provide us with this soft falling of white crystals that lay gently wherever they land. I don't know? 

But today brought me back to those memories...I went to get some lunch at a place called Cosi, it was so good. I got a half sandwich, half soup deal. Tomato Basil soup with a grilled chicken with fresh mozz sandwich. Then Andrea and I hopped on a train to Central Park. With the snow flying at my face and my hands shivering from the cold, I snapped a few pictures of the northern part of central park and a smile came across my face - and right there I felt a sense of happiness come over me. That same feel I used to get as a kid. The similarity was incredible, which cemented my realization - it's snow. I love it. I simply love when it snows - it gives me a euphoric sense of freedom. But maybe that's me...who knows.

Tomorrow I'll be in search of a new place to eat. 

The panthers choked today, Jake Delhomme - 5 interceptions? Come on Jake, that's bad. 

The cardinals in the playoffs? I don't remember a time in my 21 years of existence that they were in the playoffs. 

I made some new friends today, they make me laugh. I love laughing...not as much as snow though, well maybe...I don't know, I'll save laughing for another post :) I can't use up all my material on one post, ya know?

The picture is where we entered central park today, a little panorama. 


Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first friday.

It's already friday, and today was my third day of work. Things are starting to fall into place and today was by far my busiest day yet. I had three meetings today, just getting briefed on certain processes that they undergo during production. I was given my first retouching job today for one of the art directors, it was conceptual work, but I felt pretty good being able to do something hands-on so early. The steps that are taken are very complex but in the end - the output is perfection and that's why the workflow is so important. I've been bouncing around from different areas learning the kinks of each process. It's pretty awesome to see all the different pieces and then to see the final puzzle. 

Everyone I work with is pretty awesome, so that makes things a lot better. I've been the little annoying fly all week, asking question after question - just trying to be a sponge and soak up as much as I can.

Tonight I explored the city by chance I guess, Andrea and I tried to find an Urban for about an hour, I went up every Ave, and every street...twice...I guess I can't see or something. We ended up meeting a few of her friends from home. Went to Calico Jack's - it was pretty sick. Things are so much different here, I went to the restroom and there was a guy wanting to spray me with cologne for tips. It's definitely a change. When I got off work it was around 35ish....on the way home it was down to 23. It was the first time so far that I felt really cold. were supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow tomorrow - 80% chance...So maybe we'll go to central park or something. 

Off to sleep, my first work week is over. Atleast I made it through three days. 


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

catch phrase for life

So I was a little overwhelmed yesterday after my first day and I didn't get a chance to write about being in Gatlinburg. So here here goes...

Gatlinburg, Tennessee  is somewhere we usually go almost every Christmas. My grandpa usually books a condo and the whole family meets there. It's something I always look forward to every year, because after Christmas is over things usually wind down and you realize ahhh the Christmas flame is burning out and all the fun and good spirits come to an end. But then we go to Gatlinburg and that spirit and happiness is rekindled. Everyone always asks what we do, and to be honest I don't think it's about what we do, it's about being around family. We play boards games for hours and hours. Everyone goes to sleep pretty late, and we wake up early. 

Something I will note is that we eat at the most amazing breakfast place you could ever eat at. Pancake Pantry is the name - rain or shine there will always be a line so you must wait some time before you spend your dime and this is my rhyme...shooowee, no but seriously..I've never been without there being a line and our last experience was no different. It was raining/sleeting and it was miserable weather but as we walked around the corner, sure enough a good 50 people standing outside in line waiting to dig into the amazingly amazing food they offer.

We usually tend to disperse around the city and go to different shops and different stores. But the experience every year, though repetitive, never gets old. I look forward to it every year and I love spending time with family. My grandpa makes it happen every year so I'm gonna be on him soon to start reserving a space for next year.

Changing gears a little..

Today was my second day of work, and I felt a little more comfortable today, I still had to use my little cheat sheet to find the right train and to get off on the right exit and make the right turns under the subway but..overall - a success I must say :) Work was a little more hectic today we were a little understaffed and once again I had a lot of information thrown at to me all at once. My boss took me out to lunch again today and it is crazy how many different places there are to eat there. But my bed awaits me. 



Today was my first day of work.

I gave myself ample amount of time to encounter a bunch of problems this morning, because I was sure I would mess something up. I almost got on the wrong train, but luckily the people of NY are so far I haven't exactly had the best of luck with asking people. Most people can't speak english and many are tourists/newcomers just like me, but anyhow - the majority of people have been super nice.

I finally got to my stop - Canal St. Luckily the entrance to my building was actually in the Subway, so I entered the AT&T building. I immediately got fingerprinted, and now my left index finger will serve as my access card for the rest of my time here. Pretty crazy...On my way up to the 19th floor, I walked to the receptionists and I told them I was an intern. They asked who I was here for, and I (being a dumb intern) told them I was here for BBH - as those words came out of my mouth I slowly turned around saw a HUGE BBH - like life-size bbh sign...The receptionist laughed at me (because obviously I was there for BBH - I was on their floor) Anyway, the tour was crazy, I kept getting lost. They introduced me to the full-time open coffee bar, along with a cereal bar, with all the breakfast and lunch foods available at any time. 

Then I was introduced to all the people that work there(roughly 200) I barely remembered anyones name. I got to my desk and filled out paper work, and then followed around different people witnessing their everyday routine. I spent the most time with the creative retoucher - the stuff he did blew my mind. I thought I actually knew a lot about photoshop...I was wrong. I better start practicing, quick.

I ate some thai food for lunch which was amazing. Then I got my computer set up and that was about it for the day. I had no idea everything would be like this. I felt like I was on the Hills - it was so surreal. 

Ok enough braggin, sorry.

Off to bed...cheers to longevity. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm finally here...

Another chapter, another beginning, another drop-off. 

My mom and grandma dropped me off in New York City tonight, it seemed like it was yesterday when they were dropping me off at Clemson. Clemson and New York aren't exactly the same thing but I definitely had the same feeling as I did four years ago. 

New York was just as overwhelming today as it was a few weeks ago. You always hear nobody sleeps here, but as I sit in my 18th floor high-riser apartment, I still hear the screeching of wheels, the beeping of horns, and the voices of the city. So I guess they were right. Nobody ever does sleep.

My life is about to drastically change and when I first got here I was sick to my stomach because here I am again, 21 years old, by myself, starting another chapter, another beginning, another drop-off. But then I realized the opportunities that are out there, and the places to see, and the people to meet. So I'm excited and I can't wait to start my first day of work tomorrow. I hope I make it there on time :)

I can't wait to see what this place has to offer but I'm going to pay a huge price. Not just in money...but in not being with my family...again. and now not being with my college friends for the first time...and not being with my friends from home...again. and not being with my girlfriend...again. If only you could have everything you wanted at all times, but life doesn't work like that. So here I am, in New York City, something I said I wanted to do for a while now...I'll never forget this first night for as long as I live.  

I'm finally here. 

and p.s. I bought a subway unlimited pass today - hollaaa

and I'll write about gatlinburg when I get a chance...I just figured since tonight was the first night I was in NYC - it deserved a post to itself.