Saturday, December 20, 2008

Seven Pounds

Here is the trailer...

First off, I am not a movie critic nor am I an expert at providing people with great reviews and to be honest, I've never actually critiqued a movie in a written form. So here goes. 

Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith...Before I go further I'll throw down my thoughts on him. I think he is one of the best actors for many different reasons. One of them is that he is simply not Will Smith when he acts, he conforms into whatever role he is playing and there are no similarities in his whole demeanor from movie to movie. From Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Men in Black, Hancock, The Pursuit of Happyness, and now Seven Pounds...His way of hypnotizing you is mind-blowing. He lures you in and you feel his pain, his happiness, his tears. 

The movie drags along and is very slow - but not one second  goes by where you aren't fully attentive. It is by no means boring or non-informative. It just doesn't harmonize in the beginning. As the movie plays on you slowly understand what is happening. The movie keeps cutting to flashbacks that he has of his marriage and how glorious it was. But finally you actually see what happens, he was driving on a curvy road and texting (which I do all the time - and won't be doing anymore) and a car was coming head-on, when he tried to swerve he lost control and flipped his car several times. The car that was coming at him also lost control and went flying into the air. The aftermath was seven fatal deaths but he managed to survive. 

He is miserable for the most part of the movie until he decides he is going to save seven lives to make up for what he did. Once the pieces of the puzzle start coming together - the plot seems brilliant. He researches people and finds out information about them and determines how he can help them. Wether it be an old lady in the hospital that is dying and just needs a bath, or a kid that needs bone marrow, or a gorgeous woman who needs a heart transplant. 

I don't want to give the entire movie away, but he goes around saving seven lives - but by doing this he feels he is making up for the fatal car crash that he caused. The woman that he falls for is absolutely gorgeous - no make up, no retouching, nothing...all natural. 

The ending is one of the most gut-wrenching parts in a movie I've ever had to endure. I read a lot of reviews and many critics bash this movie, but all I can say is go see it for yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was teary-eyed for the last part of the movie. It really hits you deep. 

*Applause for Will Smith* - again.

My first movie review, not bad I suppose...Go see it for yourself.

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