Monday, December 29, 2008

The Power of our Youth

I realized today while sitting on the couch at my grandparents house just how powerful our youth can be. As I watched Noah (my cousin) crawl around the floor, ga ga'ing, and drooling, with eyes from my entire family glued on him for hours - I noticed the amount of joy that a child can bring to not only his/her parents...but an entire family, an entire group of people. I wasn't in the greatest moods today - I've been struggling with a few things that are on my mind, but at that moment I looked at Noah and saw his blissful smile and the light of youth shining over him – a smile was locked tight on my face. The fact that he has no idea where he is, what kind of world it is today, no job, no financial problems, no worries...made me wish I could feel what he was feeling again. Why can't we get away and feel what Noah feels, why can't we be care-free, laugh, drool, yell as loud as we want, and have no worries...Why can't we do that? 

I thought for a moment and we can...We simply can do whatever we please. We've been given this glorious opportunity to create a path in our life, and down this path we hope to achieve our goals, and to live our life the best possible way we know how to. But along the way - I think we need to be like Noah more - and if we do this, I feel like we can pass along the sublime confidence of our youth to others.

So let go, put away your troubles and worries, and sing as loud as you can(even if you don't know the words - right jos?) dance to music, dance without music, give someone a compliment, let someone cross the street in front of you, tip a little bit more - when you can :) , go for a run, stay up late, sleep in if you want, take a sick day - do something that makes you smile, that makes you feel young....just let go. 

Maybe we'll find out that just this one notion, just this one thing can help us enjoy our days more and provide someone else with the passion to do the same.

So thanks Noah :) thanks for reminding me what it's like to be young again. 

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  1. dude.. this is amazingly beautiful, well done. thanks you for my christmas present. happy holidays!

    (my captcha word verification thingy was mankie, on another, different note) weird.