Thursday, December 4, 2008

Failure leads to success.

I've been isolated in Godfrey Hall for the past two days. I wake up, I take a shower, and I go to Godfrey. There are numerous projects that are due at the beginning of next week, and somehow I decided that I would start all of them this week. Not the best idea, but always a way to make me really work hard. As I sat in the lab today, I messed up my screen that I was using to print on my glasses. First I realized it, then I started getting hot, then I got stressed, then came the removal of my sweat shirt, and I was soooo mad. I tried to bring myself down but it just wasn't happening today.  So as I sat there remaking my screen, I thought to myself how something like that got me so upset, and made me hot, and the constant thought of failure kept running through my head. But then I laughed, why bestow my fear of failing in my thoughts and consider it a failure? So my facial expression slowly turned into a grin followed by a smile. Because right then I realized it wasn't failure, it was an experience, a learning one at that. I could go make a screen for the next 10 years and not forget how to do it. It's because I messed up, that it will stick in my head for who knows how long. 

So as we live our life, these mistakes that we make are not failures, they are simply learning experiences. Which by failing, you learn, and then become successful at that given moment - and these moments happen everyday, and instead of etching failure into your mind, know that it is a process...

To come back down from all the theoretical talk, I actually enjoyed today because I got a lot accomplished, and it took some weight off my shoulders. It was a long day regardless. Tomorrow is going to come way to fast, but hopefully my toasted almond coffee and I will conquer all challenges awaiting me. 

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