Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who dat

Who dat...who dat...who dat... That's all I heard walking the streets of Bourbon. Virginia and I grabbed a bite to eat at a little sub place. They had funnel cakes, and it was by far the best tasting dessert I've ever had, the guy literally used almost an entire thing of powdered sugar on it. Nonetheless, it was incredible. We made our way to the Superdome, it took us a good hour to finally get to our parking spot, props to our Garmin... Once we got into the stadium, the realism of being that close sank in. We were on the 50 yard line about 15-20 rows up...We went and stood right by the first row and were probably 20 yards away from the players. I saw Bigby, Jennings, Rodgers, Reggie Bush, Drew Brees - all right up close. Exhilarating would be an understatement. We finally made our way to our seats and sat down just in time for the opening ceremonies. 

The game got underway and it was a pretty even battle until Rodgers threw a terrible interception and from that point on, the saints destroyed the packers until the final whistle. The scoreboard read 51-29. Hey, even though my team got stomped on, it was an awesome game to watch. It felt like every couple minutes somebody was celebrating in the endzone, the saints more than the pack, thats for sure. 

After the game, my roommate got us into the players area and I saw Mark Brunell, Joey Harrington(and his gorgeous wife), and some other players. Then we went onto the field and took some pictures(I'll post at some point) and just hung out...I looked over at the side and we noticed that the post game show was going on. The same show that I always watch every Monday night. It was Steve Young, Emmit Smith, and Stuart Scott doing the post game interviews. We stuck around and went into the visitors locker room and then made our way over to the post game show. We asked Steve Young if he would take a picture with us, he agreed..but not very pleasantly. He didn't smile for the picture...Bad Steve...Emmit took off on a golf cart before we could catch him. 

I had such an awesome time, and I'm back in Mississippi now. Thanksgiving is soon and I can't wait for all the good food and hanging out with friends and family. I won't be attending our traditional family Thanksgiving this year because I'll be here with my girlfriends family. I decided to take Monday and Tuesday off of school this week and start my break a little early. 

Once I load all the pictures from the game, I'll post as many as I can. 


Side Note:
O.A.R. has a new cd out - called All Sides - the sound is completely different from their other stuff yet quite pleasing. I've only listened to some of the songs, but the clever lyrics along with the mix of rock and reggae, the five members have created another genius album. 

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  1. Glad you had a good time at the game man. Cinalli and I went to Bengals/Broncos Monday (or was it Sunday) night game back in like 2005 and he had to deal with the same heartbreak (yeah the bengals weren't despicable that year somehow ;)) but it was still fun as shit for both parties. It was the same year Harold and Kumar came out, we got to (and HAD to) have White Castle! haha oh..good times.

    Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels-