Tuesday, November 18, 2008

toasted almond

7:14 A.M. Wake up. Shower. Moped. Freezing. Toasted Almond Coffee. Two Donuts. Physics Test. Nap. Jersey Mikes. Lab for hours. CS4(holla). Lab, again. Turkey Burger. Photoshop. Blog. Sleep.

That sums up my day. 

I have barely gotten any sleep the past few days, so many things are on my mind. I can't stop thinking...I'm not even sure about what, each thought only lasts for a few seconds, and then it fades away. 

'Twas a longggg day. 

Toasted Almond coffee in the morning, I can't wait. Then Kings of Leon here I come. 

1 comment:

  1. shoooweee. i forgot you were going to kings. wish i could go. take pictures. and call me during closer and ragoo and revelry and notion.

    well maybe just pick one of those.