Friday, November 7, 2008

Time flies...seriously.

The saying goes, time flies, enjoy it while you can...but It's hard to really do that. If you really sit back and think about everything that has happened you realized it's not that the time has flown by, it's that your mind only holds a certain amount of memories in a little bank that you remember off the top of your head. SO everything feels like it's going so fast. That's why pictures, journals, little notes can all help you to remember all the memories you had. I kept a journal my sophomore year almost every single day, and junior year I attempted to keep one online but....that didn't really work. 
 I just packed up a lot of my stuff for my parents to take home while they're here. First off, I have way to much shit, second off, I'm not to sure I'm ready to get out of here.  I have so many memories at this house, and this is all I've known for the past 3 years, it's finally coming to an end. My last game at Riggs tonight, schoooweee. 

but time flies...seriously. 

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