Sunday, November 23, 2008

Slow Night, So Long

The title of this song is only fitting for whats going on in my life right now. I went to see a good friend today and kinda said my goodbyes to her, shes moving to Colorado for a while before she steps foot into the real world. In the next couple weeks, I'll be opening my arms to many people and saying my goodbyes because my next chapter is: New York City. I'll be interning there for a semester and getting a little taste of the real world, but knowing that nothing is final yet because I still have two semesters of school left. I've decided to extend my education and not take summer school, but push those classes into the spring. With this tumultuous economy and dwindling job market, this seems to be my best option. The best feeling is knowing that I'm stepping out into the real world but nothing is in stone, I know for a fact that I'll be coming back to school. It will be a good warmup for when I'm ready to call it quits here.

Tomorrow I'm waking up early and starting my long day off with a nice cup of coffee, My girlfriend and I are driving to Jackson, MS and that will begin are thanksgiving break. I love roadtrips, especially with her. I just got a lot of new music and I'll finally get a chance to actually listen to all of it. We'll hang out in Jackson tomorrow night, then on Monday were heading to New Orleans to see the Packers - Saints game on Monday night football....First off, this will be my first ever Monday night game, as well as my first Packers game. They've been my favorite team since I can remember and I've never got a chance to witness them. Were sitting 50 yard line, 12th row, so maybe I can tell Greg Jennings to give me his jersey or something.

School will be finished in less than 2 weeks and then it's off to Virginia for the month of December. This semester flew by, and just like that I won't be attending school for a solid year. It's definitely a break that I needed and am looking forward to.

All I can think about these past couple days is the Kings concert and how amazing it was. I can't express in words the feelings I had during their show(even though I'll try), it was incomprehensible, picturesque, and certainly overwhelming. Here is another video of the concert that I took. Hope you enjoy. 

rise and shine all you gold-diggin' mothers
are you too good to tango with the poor, poo
r boys

I also wanted to say that when I got home to my house tonight, I couldn't open my side door because there was a tree in my kitchen. That's right, an actual tree. Some of my buddies thought it would be a nice surprise for my roommates and I to come home to a tree hanging out in the kitchen. They have it coming, thats for sure. This is a threat. Sike, i'm kidding...but seriously. 

Heres a picture of this ridiculousness. 

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