Friday, November 21, 2008

people call us renegades

I was introduced to Kings of Leon about four years ago in Charleston, South Carolina. They were playing at a fairly small venue and I didn't know much about them. The second I walked in and heard them, I smiled...The music, the sound, the lyrics...literally put a smile on my face. Unbelievable. Little did I know nor did anyone know that in four years they would be platinum in the UK and well on their way in the states. That night, those couple hours, that sound, those feelings - I carried with me for a long time. 

As the indie-rock band got more hype and slowly gained a fan base as well as an identity they became more and more popular. The release of Because of the Times helped solidify their solid upcoming as a band. It was a major hit, and an album I'll be telling my kids about. My roommates and I overplayed that CD more than George Lopez is played on Nick at Night. But it didn't matter, once again - the music, the sound, the started all of our nights off in our middle room while playing card games, usually we would end up pretending to sound like them, or dancing in the living room, but nonetheless it was an album that I'll never forget. 

Comprised of three brothers and a cousin, the Nashville based band played in their hometown to end their latest tour. It was at the Municipal which was quite the host. We had general admission tickets and got there early to catch The Whigs, and We are Scientists open for them.  Both bands were pretty good, but I couldn't help to think about how much better Kings of Leon would be. So I didn't really give them a chance.   

Four years later, I was standing less than 20 ft. from Kings of Leon yet again, this time, thousands of people jumped, screamed, and sang at the top of their lungs the incredible melodies of a band that was dubbed "just not good enough" in their beginning days. I was lucky enough to get some video footage of four different songs, and a decent amount of pictures. My girlfriend and I were in awe last night, I can't understand how a band can sound that amazing on a stage. I thought the CD used to give me chills, last night I felt like I was in Antarctica with a bathing suit on. They were flawless, completely flawless. 

They started the concert off with Crawl, which is on their new cd and really started things off right. They continued to bounce from their older stuff all the way up to their new cd. They appeared to be done playing by closing out with Cold Desert but they returned and jammed out four more songs. I kept thinking during each song, Oh, this has to be my favorite one..but I said that for almost every single song they sang. Call me obsessed, but I'm not sure how you can't be obsessed with them. Caleb Followhill - the head singer was one of the most composed singers I've ever seen. He hit every single note with the perfect blend of emotion, pitch, and tune. He spoke rarely throughout the concert but did make reference to his mother, and how they used to write songs and weren't very good at it. Then he ended it by saying " I guess we got a little better." 

So overall it was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had in my 21 years of life. They continued to amaze the whole night and provided thousands with a memory that they will cherish forever. So my hat goes off to KOL - and thank you for such an amazing show. 

The music, the sound, the lyrics...Flawless.
-By the way Nashville is a pretty ballin' city. 
-This video is of knocked up and is one of many that I'll be posting. 

People call us renegades
'cause we like living crazy
We like taking on the town
Some people getting lazy


  1. This will make it a certainty that I'll check out Kings of Leon. I liked that video, put up some more if you get the chance. This is good writing here, it reminded me of a heartfelt record review. Take care man - thanks for the nice comment on the new story with the name i don't even remember because it's too long.

  2. I cannot begin to express my overwhelming envy that you got to see them in concert. I remember the first time I heard them on Pandora... I can't even remember how long ago that was.

    I already told mom that I was flying to New York on January 29th to stay with you and see them play. She said, "Ya'll think you're rich on something."

    Mmm. No. We're just kind of obsessed.

  3. I was trying to find the lyrics to one of the songs and accidentely stumbeled on your site! I live in Charleston, SC, and the first time I saw KOL was here! Hands down amazing!!
    So I figured Id read the rest while im up..the wayward walk post was fantastic. i definately agree that god gives us people and experiences, teaches us a few things, and sends us back out to share! its so great to stumble across other christians!
    best of luck in cali!