Friday, November 7, 2008

The end is near.

Tomorrow night is senior night. I'm a senior. I can't believe it, I remember all the senior nights that I've been standing on the sideline, and every single one I remember thinking how long it would be until I was gonna be standing out there. It's here, and it came way to fast. My parents and my girlfriends parents are both coming to watch. It's our last home game of the season, and I just want to go out there and have fun. 
This semester has gone by so fast, just a few more weeks and I'll be done with everything and heading on home. I'm glad that I'm not graduating, atleast I'll get to come back and actually experience college as a normal student, weird. 
I've been reading all kinds of blogs lately, and the biggest thing I learned today from the BOF blog is to write, and write a lot. It helps you learn, and don't worry about making mistakes, put yourself out there and a big thing to Spike at Brains on Fire was he wanted to either be loved, or hated. Nothing in between. So pretty much, don't halfway do something, go all out and put everything you have into it. You'll be loved, or hated. He also spoke about how hard bloggin' is and it's tough to keep up with. So as far as mine goes, it's going to be somewhat of a personal journal, and I'll try to get better as I go. 

What's going on in the world:
  • The stock market crashed again today, down 400 something points. I'm gonna try no to check it for a long time, but I can't resist. 
  • Brady Quinn made his first start tonight, he balled out.
  • Jay Cutler threw for 447 yards and 3tds, and came back and got the dub.
  • Evergreen went up for two solid days, and plummeted today.
  • Sigur Ros is sick.

Eitherrrrrwayyyy, I'm bloggin..and I'm loving it. 

Another late night, another cup of tea, and another blog post. 

I posted some new pictures on my photoblog over on flickr...check em out.

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